JanBask Training Bids Adieu to its Women's Equality Day Scholarship Contest

Hello, friends! JanBask Training is happy to announce that the Scholarship contest which was launched on the eve of 45th Women's Equality Day

Online PR News – 14-September-2018 – Arlington – The company wishes to thank each and every participant for their enthusiasm and participation.

First of all, the company would like to express its gratitude towards all the amazing ladies who had come up and registered for the contest with us. Remember ladies, it is always the journey that matters and not the destination. Even if you do not see your name among the winners do not be saddened by that because you all are winners in our eyes.

These last couple of days have been very eventful for us as well as our learners. The support that we had got in our endeavour was immense. This is exactly what we had aimed for. We wanted the women to step up, dawn their thinking cap, break the shackles they are in and make an effort in this life-changing contest. It was actually like living in the suffragist era where all the wonderful women had come together for a greater good. The response that we have received has been overwhelming and the company promises to take the baton forward from here by promising that it would always strive to come up with such events in the future too. Contest details available at -

After receiving all the answers and perusing them we have an insight into the various issues that women of the world face today. This is going to be beneficial for all of us as now we can do something to curb them as much as we can because we were serious when we had said that we believe in gender equality and want to do everything we can to balance the odds. The results of the contest has been listed in social media for more details logon to-

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