Adder Mobile Technologies Welcomes Russell Kimberling as Director of Sales

Advertising technology agency Adder Mobile announces sales professional, military veteran, Russell Kimberling, as new team member.

Online PR News – 14-September-2018 – Louisville, Kentucky – Louisville-based car-wrap advertising technology firm Adder Mobile Technologies is proud to welcome seasoned sales professional and military veteran Russell Kimberling to the team as the Director of Sales.

"Russell Kimberling is an outstanding addition to our management team, bringing decades of sales experience to the table," said Adder Chief Executive Officer and Product Designer Ian Gerard. "He's also served multiple tours as an Army Captain and we're confident he will also help lead our team to success."

With nearly 20 years of B2B experience in the fast-changing pharmaceutical industry, Kimberling has proven himself as a B2B sales manager and trainer, focusing on marketing and strategic planning. Adder is thrilled to have him at the forefront of their recruitment and training for new team members as the company and their client-base continue to change how local businesses advertise.

"I am excited about the talented team that Ian [Gerard] is putting together and his vision for the company's pipeline," said Kimberling.

Adder's Out Of Home advertising model creates trust and connection between the customer and the business, and Kimberling values the process of building meaningful, connected client relationships, identifying it as a crucial element of business development.

"I bring experience and know-how to the team: Sales, Sales Management, Sales Training, Sales Training Development and most importantly, product launch experience," said Kimberling.

He is also skilled in identifying client needs to determine the best way that Adder can help them promote their brand. Kimberling consults with clients to decide how car wrap advertising can best serve their creative campaign.

Time and time again, Russell Kimberling has demonstrated leadership: not only in sales, but in his years of military experience.

Kimberling served one tour in Iraq as a Captain in the United States Army. During that time, he was responsible for the training and the morale of more than 100 infantrymen. He had to plan, organize, and execute ways to teach people to reach their full potential and work together to succeed. He intends to use that same experience to help Adder build its connections with its clients and drivers.

Said Kimberling, "The traits that made me a great military leader are exactly what make a great sales leader: intelligence, drive, your goal-oriented and competitive nature, great communication skills, strong interpersonal skills, a desire to be the best, and a desire to be challenged."

He will also use his recruiting and training abilities to create valuable talent for Adder Mobile Technologies, so Adder can better serve local businesses.

Russell Kimberling has an MBA from Capella University and a Bachelor's degree from the University of Louisville.

You can contact Kimberling on LinkedIn or through his email-

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