123 Zero Energy Announces Smart Technology-Driven Enphase Envoy & Enlighten Solar PV Kits

123 Zero Energy, a responsible solar kits and systems supplier, announces Enphase Envoy & Enlighten Solar PV Systems.

Online PR News – 11-September-2018 – winnipeg, MB – (Morris, Manitoba, 11th September 2018) - The Enphase Envoy & Enlighten Residential Solar PV Systems comprise of DC/AC micro inverters, the Envoy Communications Gateway, and the Enlighten Gateway Software. 123 Zero Energy announces the sale of Enphase Envoy & Enlighten solar PV kits for the convenience of residential owners. Their solar PV systems are easy to install as they use the AC power for data transmission. The time when you plug into a wall outlet, the Envoy system starts collecting data that are sent by micro inverter. These systems are connected to a wireless router and transmit date in real time to the Enphase Enlighten Gateway. Through this gateway, you can login and customize your requirements to ensure real time performance, past data history. The Enphase micro inverter system offers the most advanced inverter technology for the operation of solar systems. The technology-driven solutions of 123 Zero Energy combines innovations in power electronics, networking, and web-based software making solar systems highly efficient and smarter.

The Benefits of Enphase Envoy & Enlighten Solar PV System

Optimal Performance

Enphase Micro Inverters are installed under the solar modules on the roof. They convert the optimal power generated from each module into standard AC electricity.

Basic features

Highly efficient micro inverter
Supports low-voltage and low-light operation
Creative cabling for smooth and quick installation

Simplified networking

The Envoy Communications Gateway can help you monitor the well-being and performance of every solar module and micro inverter. It sends this data to the system owner and the installer with the help of internet application.

Unique Features

Communicate over electrical wires
Connect to standard broadband router
Plug and play setup

Advanced monitoring

The Enlighten Software is a web-based software application, offering system owners and installers the well-detailed performance related information and analytics about the solar system and automated alerts.

Basic Features

No additional cost
Different viewing models like mobile
Automatic identification and diagnosis of issues

"Using our Enphase Envoy & Enlighten Solar PV Kits can allow you to access the solar arrays through any internet connection around the world. Our solar PV systems provide at-a-glance views of energy production and system performance so that you can easily know how the system is performing. This way, you can compare the current performance with the previous day, week or month. 123 Zero Energy solar PV system offers you a chance to see the historical weather data to know the variations in system performance. The system status indicator can let you know whether the system is working up to your expectations and what can be done to retain its performance. Through one-click sharing with integrated social media buttons, our systems are accessible from any device with an internet connection. For immediate purchase of our solar systems, please contact us as soon as possible", says a spokesperson for 123 Zero Energy. https://www.123zeroenergy.com/pricing/solar-pv.html

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