Arcane Cane Introduces a New, Patented Cane For Self Defense

The Arcane Cane is a sturdy walking stick and cane for self defense.

Online PR News – 27-August-2018 – San Antonio, Texas – Many people today are seeking effective yet legal tools for self-protection. One of the best self defense weapons for practical, everyday purposes is the cane, which is commonly used for support. Traditional canes, however, are not made for self-protection while self-defense canes tend to be heavy, awkward, and difficult to grip in dynamic situations. The Arcane Cane was made to overcome these limitations.

The Arcane Cane was developed by entrepreneur and martial artist David Randel as a cane that can be used for support for everyday use but also, when necessary, for self-defense. This patented cane has several distinct features that differentiate it from other canes or self defense weapons.

Lightweight: At about one and one-third pounds, the cane is light enough for anyone to easily carry.

The advantage of a cane compared to many other weapons is that its so low-key and portable. You can take it with you in many places that you couldnt carry a gun or even a knife.

T-Handle: The cane has a T-Handle for a firm split finger grip. The handle could also be used like an ax. Its design provides 17x less surface area than if it were solid end design.

Grip stripes: This patented feature gives you a solid grip when holding any part of the cane.

Customizable: The cane comes with a cutter so it can be resized to ensure it's the ideal length for each user.

According to creator David Randel, "I created the Arcane Cane almost by accident. A student presented my teacher John with a handmade cane. Being martial artists, they naturally decided to test the cane. After hitting a heavy bag, it instantly broke into many pieces."

This made David think about designing a similar cane -only one that was sturdier and wouldn't break so easily.

"With the help of a friend with a gun repair shop, I used some electrical metal tubing and designed a cane with a T-handle and a rubber foot. The cane easily smashed a coconut and went through watermelons the way a sharp blade would."

"We've already seen proof that the cane is an effective tool for self-protection. One of my friends used it to fight off several attackers in an Amsterdam alley. The advantage of a cane compared to many other weapons is that it's so low-key and portable. You can take it with you in many places that you couldn't carry a gun or even a knife."

After seeing that he'd designed a useful and innovative Cane for self defense, David still wanted to make improvements. "I began to redesign the cane to make it lighter and more attractive. The Arcane Cane that's on the market now has already gone through five design changes. We now have a product that's not only one of the best self-defense weapons available but also an attractive and appealing object to hold and own."

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