Producer Alex Winter Releases Debut Single 'Thunder' Feat. Michael Martinez

Check out music producer Alex Winter's debut single "Thunder" featuring Michael Martinez, which dropped on August 17

Online PR News – 22-August-2018 – Los Angeles, CA – German music producer and multi-instrumentalist Alex Winter released his debut single "Thunder" featuring Michael Martinez on August 17 through his own imprint label under Ingrooves Music Group. An R 'n B gem with a smooth and seductive rhythm that is made even more sultry alongside Martinez's soulful harmonies, "Thunder" brilliantly showcases Winter's skill and creativity as a producer.

Winter says, "I'm really excited for this release. It's the very first release under my own name, and I am super happy to have had the opportunity to collaborate with someone as talented and creative as Michael Martinez."

A multi-instrumentalist who's proven himself to be a virtuosic drummer and talented guitarist, not to mention an undeniable whiz in the studio, Winter has become known for his work as a producer on a range of tracks for other artists, such as 'Over and Over' by EMBI, and the single 'Dusty Blue' by MINDIA.

As the producer behind "Thunder," Winter created the structure for the track and then approached Martinez to sing on the track. He explains, "I play guitar and synth keys, and I made the beat as well. Basically everything you hear besides the vocals. I really wanted to make a beat with 808s, inspired by trap, but add R' n B-ish harmonies and have someone sing on it instead of rapping."

I'm really excited for this release. It's the very first release under my own name and I am super happy to have had the opportunity to collaborate with someone as talented and creative as Michael Martinez.

With lyrics rolling of Martinez's tongue, "Thunder" tells a story of someone who's caught up in their own head drama and tries to bring the other person down because of it. Using weather as an analogy, the song opens with 'Stressing out - I see the cloud over you stretching out…,' which Winter says came about after showing Martinez the first bit of the song on a "rare, cloudy, and rainy day in LA."

Confirming Winter's mastery over musical composition and arrangement, the song's fluid rhythm and emotive melodies blend perfectly with the catchy lyrics, which were co-written by Winter and Martinez, making "Thunder" a track that will effortlessly grabs listener attention and have them repeating it in their heads after the first chorus.

"The chords and overall feeling of the production, which is now the verse and pre chorus, is kind of gloomy and was a good match for the weather on that day," Win†er explains. "The mood changes going into the second chorus of the song. It feels more uplifting and 'is about not letting you get dragged into that spiral of anxiety and bad mood'."

Winter nails the mark with "Thunder" and he couldn't have chosen a better vocalist to have collaborate with on his debut track than Michael Martinez, who's sexy and soothing voice takes the song to the next level.

"I like to blend genres. I love the energy of pop music! It makes people sing along and dance. I like to take some inspiration and harmonic ideas from jazz and R 'n B and blend them into a pop song to make it a little different," says Winter. "There has been an uprising in interest for this kind of music in the past few years and I'm working hard on being a part of this development."

Bringing a unique skill set to the table, Winter has become a sought after music producer for a growing number of artists across various genres in recent years. Aside from making it possible for him to create, record and master his own tracks, like "Thunder," his knowledge of musical composition combined with his refined skill as a multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer and songwriter have endowed him with the necessary tools to help other artists translate their musical visions into a finished work audiences can enjoy.

"I could have the craziest idea, or start making weird sounds, or be somewhat vague when describing what I'm hearing in my head and he's able to decipher those thoughts and ideas. Since I'm not much of a producer it's really great working with someone who lets me be a part of that process… Alex makes it possible for real collaboration to happen," says Michael Martinez, whose debut album Winter is currently producing.

Winter has been a key producer, as well as the recording engineer behind recent releases for other artists including alt indie artist Ben Stitt's emotive EP "In The Dawn Of My Days," Italian NeoSoul and alt R 'n B artist EMBI's song "Over and Over," which just happens to be the most popular single on Spotify from the artist's "Evolution" EP, the single "Dusty Blue" from pop artist and cellist MINDIA, which he also co-wrote, as well as her song "Hollywood." Winter also produced and engineered the upcoming album "Concussion Chronicles" from multi-instrumentalist and composer Neal Rosenthal.

When it comes to producing for other artists, Winter says, "As long as they are authentic, creative, driven and we have a good time working together, I'm happy… for me it's mostly about making the artists vision reality."

Though still in his early 20s, Winter, who hails from Seligenstadt, Germany, has been playing drums for two decades, and his astonishing skill is what led him to be accepted to the highly competitive Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. You can hear Winter playing drums on Nico Farias' 2015 album "Que Los Mares No Se Enteren." One of Winter's many accolades as a drummer, the title song off the album quickly became an international hit when it placed No. 1 on the iTunes Charts in Guatemala and earned the Latin Billboard Award for Best Song of the Year from BMI.