Text My Main Number Launched Automated Off Office Hour Features in Text to Landline

Text My Main Number has announced launch of new automated business texting features to handle off hour messages.

Online PR News – 22-August-2018 – New York – Text My Main Number is a leading text to landline company that benefits its customers with the best landline texting services. The company aims to offer the most advanced business texting service to its customers and that's the reason the company comes with innovative features. Recently, a representative of the company shared that they have launched a few features to deal with the messages received during off working hours. These new features will handle these messages gracefully and help businesses to create a positive brand image by responding the messages of the customers in real-time, even during nonworking hours.

"The business might be off for the day, but the communication is not! We all receive voicemails sent to our business line during holidays and / or nonworking hours. These voice messages stay unattended until the next day when an executive resumes and listens to those messages. These messages are also very tedious to deal with and it is possible the staff forget to respond to a message from the customer. This can create a really bad image of the business. We have launched some amazing features in our text to landline solution that will overcome this roadblock in business success. Our features will automatically respond to the customer during off working hours. Also, the business owner or one of the staff member can respond to emergency cases, if needed." shared Ash Vyas, Director of Operations, Text My Main Number.

She shared those business texting features with the media, which are briefed below:

Auto Reply

A business can set an automated response that will be sent to all messages received during off working hours. The business can create a blind message that will be sent as a response to any received SMS / MMS. The business can also set more than one custom auto replies to handle different situations differently. For example, a simple inquiry message can be responded with a message like "Our executives will contact you within X hours." However, a message that indicates emergency can be responded like, "Please call on our [emergency support number]."

ITR (Interactive Text Response) System

The text to landline solution offered by the Text My Main Number comes with this feature which is similar to IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system. The only difference between ITR and IVR is that ITR use SMS and IVR use voice call. The companies can set a custom ITR that will let customers or prospect self serve themselves during the holidays and nonworking hours.

These are 2 major features used in handling communication during nonworking hours automatically as per the details shared by Ash Vyas, Director of Operations of the company.

About Text My Main Number

It is a New York based business texting service provider company. The company claims to offer the most advanced text to landline solution to empower businesses and their communication. More details about the company are available on their website here: http://textmymainnumber.com/