TLX Partners further expands BRIC's Company Research Team

TLX Partners today announced the important hire of Adam Cooke to lead the firm's BRICs equities research team.

Online PR News – 16-August-2018 – HONG KONG/EASTERN – Adam Cooke will be responsible for equity research coverage of the BRIC's countries and will frequently travel to Brazil, Russia, India and China to conduct research and relay the findings back to the senior management at TLX Partners.

TLX Partners' Chief Financial Officer, Ms. Veronica Chan commented on the new hire saying "Our appointment of Adam shows our vision and drive to maintain an industry-leading team of research analysts to provide insightful analysis to institutional and private clients."

"I am confident that the deep experience that Adam brings with his BRIC's knowledge to our team will further seek out opportunities in emerging markets and also enhance our services and here at TLX Partners," added Veronica Chan, Chief Financial Officer of TLX Partners.

Adam Cooke joins TLX Partners from KPMG and has more than 12 years of equity research experience. Mr. Cooke started out in London before taking up a position in Dubai before moving to Hong Kong.

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