30-year Industry Veteran Gifts Visual Artists with Free Art Business Courses

A new, complimentary, all-inclusive business resource for visual artists is now available.

Online PR News – 12-July-2018 – Scottsdale, AZ – Barney Davey, publisher of Art Marketing News, began helping artists market their work in 1988. He has produced a comprehensive collection of online business courses for visual artists based on his extensive art business experience. Now, to give back to the art community and to honor his mother, who was both a fine artist and a teacher, he is gifting visual artists with free lifetime access to the Art Business Mastery courses.

Avoiding Bad Decisions Keeps Careers on Track

Davey says, "I've had the privilege of advising some of the most successful artists of our time. And, I've also watched too many other art careers flop. I've seen how the lack of crucial business knowledge leads to poor decisions and career failure. I want to educate and inspire artists. Access to proper knowledge will promote positive changes and improved results. To help foster those changes, I'm giving artists free lifetime access to these valuable art business courses. Collectively, they provide artists with practical advice and sound business fundamentals."

The standard cost to join the Art Business Mastery courses is $99. Comparable online courses sell for many times that price. To lower the entry barrier and encourage participation, artists now have free lifetime access to comprehensive art business training and art marketing resources. The Art Business Mastery courses are conveniently available 24/7 online.

The exhaustive course catalog reads like an encyclopedia of the art business. Some of the topics covered include:

- Getting into Galleries
- Selling Art at Shows
- Websites for Artists
- Email Marketing
- Self-promotion & Branding
- Blogging for Artists
- Social Media for Artists
- Inventory Management
- Publishing Art Prints
- Licensing Art
- Networking
- Legal Issues, Copyrights, Contracts & Trademarks
- Banking, Finances, Taxes
- Goal Setting and Resource Assessment

Knowledge Is Power

Davey believes granting artists access to this art business knowledgebase will help them succeed in the business of art. He is aware that many artists do not prioritize business, which costs them in their careers. His plan is to inspire artists to boost their business knowledge by giving them easy access to useful information.

Because they are not intended to be learned in sequence, the Art Business Mastery courses are unlike other business training programs for artists. Course content is arranged into easily digestible topics. With standalone information components, artists can go straight to the source to help them with their current needs. Davey believes that by giving artists what they need when they need it and regularly adding more information and new topics, artists will embrace the Art Business Mastery courses as a reliable way to help their careers.

Get started today. To register for your free lifetime membership, go to bdavey.co/free
For full details, review the Art Business Mastery courses homepage.

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