Umbrella Corp Launches New Class Action Website

The Umbrella Corp has launched a new website aimed at showcasing the latest news and research on class action lawsuits.

Online PR News – 28-February-2011 – – In the ever changing world of class action lawsuits, where up to date information is crucial and access to information is also key, Umbrella Corp has launched a brand new website aimed at bringing the latest news on current class action lawsuits to anyone who has access to an internet connection. Researchers and writers at Umbrella Corp. have also issued an official mission statement, which states that the purpose of launching the new website is to make available up to date information on class action lawsuits, in a format which is readily accessible and easily understandable to the common reader.

"Our writers take essentially what is produced as legalese, and make it understandable to everyone else, the rest of the population that exists outside of the legal world." says Bonnie Corres, director of marketing at Umbrella Corp. "We're very proud of their work, and proud of the entire team for launching this beautiful and extremely user-friendly website" said Ms. Corres, who has worked in marketing for almost sixteen years. She considers her part in the overall effort of launching the site to be one of her finest achievements. The site already has a considerable amount of traffic.

Umbrella Corp is home to several resources on the internet for disseminating legal information in user-friendly form. Currently, readers can find out about current class action lawsuits at the parent website mentioned earlier, where readers can learn about lawsuit topics such as product liability, consumer protection, social justice, securities class actions, and technology industry class action lawsuits.

In addition, the readers can also find out about more specific types of suits like medical class action lawsuits on another Umbrella Corp site, where the complex world of medical litigation becomes clear due to the efforts of the team of writers at Umbrella Corp. The entire process of defective drugs is covered, from reported side effects of a drug, to drug recalls, and on through a full blown drug class action lawsuit, and sometimes to lawsuit settlements.

Another site underdevelopment in the Umbrella Corp world is called Drug Class Action Lawsuit where the equally complex and bewildering subject of drug class action lawsuits becomes more understandable. Topics such as the relationships between the FDA, drug companies and doctors are explored, as well as current drug class actions and proposed lawsuits concerning the pharmaceutical industry. The guidelines on drug labeling, warnings, side effects, and doctors' roles in promoting certain drugs are explored, so readers get and education on the general principles of drug class action lawsuits, not just information on specific lawsuits.

The team at Umbrella Corp. is especially proud to launch the new main website but hopes the spinoff sites will also prove helpful to readers interested in those more specific types of class actions. Surveys show that in the highly jargonistic world of published class action resources, drug and medical class actions are particularly dense to the common reader. By translating into plain English what was before understandable only to the highly educated and those in the legal profession, Umbrella Corp. hopes to bring this vital information to everyone who seeks it.

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