Author Fargo Teases Audience with a Thrilling Trailer

Author Fargo Teases Audience with a Thrilling Trailer

Online PR News – 10-July-2018 – Ventura, CA – It seems like Author Mark Fargo knows how to catch attention and make people glued to him.

In his newest effort to make more people appreciate the beauty of his two Haiku books, "Motorcycle Haiku" and its sequel "Motorcycle Haiku Deja Vu", Fargo gave his readers images of his adventures and his poetry conceived on the road.

The trailer will allow more people to engage themselves to Mark Fargo's art and his whimsical shots of life and experiences. The raw and intensity of his trailer video will definitely make his readers feel the gravity of his poetry and to make people understand the message.

Mark Fargo's books include "Early Morning Offerings" and "I'm Just an Old Beatnik", these are books of the Beat Generation Genre which can be purchased at your favorite books sellers. For more click-through and views of Mark Fargo's video check out the link:

About the Author:
Mark Fargo, born April 28, 1953, at the French Hospital in downtown Los Angeles, has always been able to survive adversity. His parents, Cecilia and Charles, were not June and Ward Cleaver, and their seventeen-year marriage rarely resembled an episode of "Leave It to Beaver." Mark endured a tumultuous relationship with his father that made being a teenager difficult.

The turning point in Mark's life was the decision to work and save money for a year after graduating from high school while attending Ventura Junior College. Hitchhiking for seven months from Scotland to Turkey gave Mark the valuable experience his psyche needed. Summer of '72 and Rubber to the Road address Mark's need for adventure.

Mark has a master's degree in social justice and leadership from Antioch University in Santa Barbara, California. He is also the director of the BASC Foundation, an educational non-profit. He retired on June 2016 after seventeen years as a high school social science teacher.

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