The Perfect Dog Launches a New Site with a Lofty Idea

The Perfect Dog announces the Grand Opening of its site based on the desire to inform and guide first and foremost. With this mission in mind, the site offers a dog bed guide, articles, and a newsletter to its subscribers.

Online PR News – 27-February-2011 – – opens its virtual doors for business on March 1, 2011. Upon first glance this may seem like a typical sales website with lots of products, brand names, and discounts. But with closer inspection, it is soon discovered that this site stands on something different. This reseller wants to be an informational hub.

The site director, Kay S. explains, ‘There are so many pet products out there being sold, and not enough information about how to classify and sort through everything. We looked at dog beds in particular and just noticed the dearth of knowledge. We want to fill that hole.’ How? The site offers a dog bed buying guide with extensive information on what to look for and how to assess a dog to find out what he or she needs. They also offer thoroughly detailed explanations of each category of dog beds, shedding light on what type of dogs would benefit from the category and why a dog should or should not get that type of bed. There is also a series of articles currently underway about what type of bed is best for each breed. As extensive as this information already sounds, there are already plans of moving into a variety of subjects extending beyond dog beds. seems to be onto something. The key to a happy online experience is not only buying, but for the shopper to understand why they are getting something and being confident that they have the right product. ‘The more we share, the more we keep learning ourselves.’ Kay S. beams, “We’re just dog lovers that want to provide a useful site for other dog lovers.” Sign up for the newsletter and subscribe to all the site has to offer. It’s a wonderfully lofty idea and truly makes’s Opening ‘Grand’ in all respects.