APlusA.org.uk Institutes Candidate Tests for Resiliency and Proficiency

APlusA.org.uk applicants to be tested for grace under pressure, language and research proficiency. Clear benefits for APlusA.org.uk

Online PR News – 27-February-2011 – – Helping customers at APlusA.org.uk calls for more than just superlative writing. The job requires personality traits and skills that go far beyond good composition. New tests at APlusA.org.uk will allow us to identify the candidates who possess the best combination of characteristics to support our clients academically.

We have done our homework to best help our customers do theirs. We’ve researched the most effective assessments in consultation with psychology professionals. As a result, we have assembled a novel battery of pre-employment tests.

We will evaluate our applicants on their research experience, subject knowledge, language proficiency, and, perhaps most innovatively, their resilience. We want to have a sense of how our candidates will function under pressure of the sort we experience every day.

Thus, our work force will be more and more composed of people whose personalities match the demands of the job. We want folks strongly motivated to help, no matter how confusing the assignment. We’re looking for staffers who retain a sense of humor and grace even when deadlines loom.

This is not the only innovation we’ve implemented here in APlusA.org.uk’s personnel policies and practices. We have always tried to make this a job that our employees love, so that our customers benefit from their best efforts. You can learn more about past such efforts by visiting our website, http://aplusa.org.uk.

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