Gets New Software to Find Lost Files, Right Word, Right Reference
02/27/2011 adds sophistication to writers’ software. Issues, e.g., file loss, word usage, web credibility; resolved for team.

Online PR News – 27-February-2011 – – wants every aspect of our operation to be as efficient as possible. We can’t mechanize imagination, creativity, insight, or research savvy, but we’ve done the next best thing! Our Information Technology Department has presented our writers with a batch of software to alleviate a great many busy-work concerns. We expect this to make writing more pleasant for staff, and a swifter process for our customers.

Backing up files, restoring lost data, locating the precise term, or phrase, wading through all the non-credible sources on the internet are not just irritating. All these actions take precious time.

Why should writers be worrying about the sponsorship of an internet site? Why should they fear an erratic keystroke wiping out a document? Why should they worry that they have chosen the wrong word for the context?

Today, software can help with all these tasks, and is exploiting this fact! Writers can focus on the intellectual aspects of writing and less on the mechanics of file management and evaluating websites, for example.

This will, we hope, result in more effort invested in thoughtful construction of arguments, more grace in writing, and happier customers!

There are articles about previous technology upgrades and innovations at to be found at our website, Readers can view samples of our writers’ work there as well, and a list of our services.

About Us:

The main engine of our success is the intelligence of our writers. This is not amenable to automation, but we certainly attempt to alleviate the drudgery with technology. The happy result is that our customers can expect fine writing and rigorous research, no matter the topic.