Adds 150th Nation to Roster of Writers’ Home Countries
02/27/2011 is increasingly global in its reach. 150 nations now are represented by writers. Clients all over can be helped!

Online PR News – 27-February-2011 – –, of course, wants to have customers and writers everywhere. Well, we’re getting there! The 150th country is now represented by a new writer, and we think this is cause for congratulations. This increases our ability to help yet more customers achieve their academic goals.

Our newest writer hails from West Africa; the republic of Guinea-Bissau. We look forward to getting to know our new colleague!

The company is delighted to be offering its academic support services to clients from across the globe. is preparing to do so even more effectively with specific programs and initiatives.

What are we doing to make our staff more responsive to our geographically far-flung clients (and writers, for that matter)?

Language instruction is going to receive more attention than it already does. We can do more to expose staff to the cultures of other lands. Finally, we are specifically recruiting personnel from all over. The gratifying result of this policy is that callers will probably hear a familiar and reassuring accent.

Diversity and globalization are facts of modern life, and of the current marketplace. is poised to be a leader in responding to varied languages, varied backgrounds, and varied expectations. You can find out more about our cross-cultural activities and language training at

About Us: always looks for writers and staffers who are open and welcoming of diversity. As a result, we can help customers in all fields, and with almost any assignment. Topics of all types do not put them off, and they embrace challenges on behalf of our valued clients.