Tests New Hires for Resiliency, Linguistic Facility to Help Clients
02/27/2011 will test writer candidates for grace under pressure and language proficiency: clients will benefit from new hires.

Online PR News – 27-February-2011 – – Custom writing at is a demanding business. All of our staffers need to be ready to help customers with skill, commitment, and professionalism. To make sure that this is the case, we have instituted a new hiring procedure that assesses key strengths in all candidates. This should support our ongoing efforts to assemble the most helpful team possible for our customers.

Almost by definition, our clients seek us out at a moment of distress. They need help, and promptly. They may be distressed by a grader’s comment, or with writer’ block, or are baffled by an assignment.

In a recent innovation, our selection process for our writers will include assessments of much more than a candidate’s writing skills. has developed a battery of tests assessing language proficiency, research experience, ability to think logically, resiliency under stress, and grace under time pressure.

In consultation with experts in workplace psychology, has created a testing process applying the latest research on human behavior. We expect it to increase productivity and decrease the stress of the job, since there will be a better match between worker and work! has been innovating in the area of human resources since our beginnings. We have news of past initiatives to make the workplace a happier place, and the customer a happier customer at our website,

About Us:’s team of writers represents a true cross-section of all the writing professions, from journalism to legislative advocacy, from academia to business. As a result, there is truly no topic or field that we cannot address. Clients can feel confident that all varieties of assignments are within the reach of writers.