Writers Have New Tools to Research, Choose Words, and Find Lost Files
02/27/2011 puts powerful tools in writers’ hands. Efficiencies in research, word choice, and file retrieval will help customers.

Online PR News – 27-February-2011 – – Keeping up to date with technology is a full time job for the IT staff at Their most recent accomplishment is assembling a package of software programs to simplify our writers’ lives. Thus equipped, they will burn through assignments, creating high quality model papers for all our customers.

How much time do we waste searching our hard drives for ‘lost’ material, or re-doing work? writers do it too! However, now, we now have a vastly easier back-up and retrieval tool for misplaced or accidentally deleted material. One writer described it as, “a gift of time!”

Other writers sometimes find themselves at a loss for ‘le mot juste’; the perfect word for the situation.’s new thesaurus function offers far greater sophistication than those generally available. This new tool, for example, provides appropriate context for each word choice.

Another weapon in’s new arsenal against wasted effort helps writers target credible, impartial sites for research. Only trustworthy sites will show up, saving considerable time.

Of course, we innovate for one reason alone: our customers deserve the full intellectual capacity of our writers, without distraction by trivialities.

There is more information on prior technology advances around the offices at our website, You can read about our security and messaging systems there, as well.

About Us: makes customers happy by having smart, competent writers on staff who can attack any topic and are not put off by complex assignments. However, we try to make sure out writers have the tools to be maximally efficient in helping customers, no matter how stressful the deadline.