Spiritual Gifts and Spiritual Power Tools For Personal And Family Protection Now Available Online

Spiritual gifts and spiritual power tools for personal and family protection with Orisha vibrational energies of Elegua, Oshun, Ogun and Egun incorporated to provide personal, family and community protection are now available online from the Ifa Foundation of North America.

Online PR News – 27-February-2011 – – In a world where our personal and family protection are increasingly at risk, the Ifa Foundation of North America, Inc. (http://www.ifafoundation.org) a federally approved 501 C-3 not-for-profit-foundation, is now offering spiritual gifts of ancient African Protective tools that combine the wisdom of the past with the reality of the present for personal and family protection.

Visit the Spiritual Tools web site at http://www.spiritualtools.org for more information.

Philip Neimark, CEO, explains;

“As any street wise police officer will tell you, the mugger or thief almost invariably select their victim based on the body language of the individual. The person’s fear translates into a posture that that is quickly recognized by the perpetrator as ‘easy prey.’ Just as the lion selects the older or limping antelope from the herd for their dinner, the criminal selects the person least likely to resist or fight back.”

Ancient cultures used Earth based wisdom to identify, and work with, the essential vibrational reality that expresses them. They gave these energies names such as Elegua, Oshun, Ogun, Chango, Egun, Oya, Yemoja and combined them into a family of energies they referred to as Orisha. These Orisa formed the practical natural science that guided and protected their lives and community.

Today the Ifa Foundation of North America, Inc. through their web site, http://www.spiritualtools.org/cart.php?m=search_results&search=protection, is offering individuals the blend of these essential ancient energies that form a protective energy field around the individual or their home, in a manner that subtly, but convincingly, affects the potential criminal to seek easier prey elsewhere.

Through the Spiritual Tools site (http://www.spiritualtools.org) the Ifa Foundation of North America is bringing to others a broad selection of authentic African Spiritual Tools that have, for thousands of years, positively impacted the lives of those that use them. These spiritual power tools are available for personal protection, family protection, better health, success and stronger relationships.

It is not imperative that you practice Ifa in order to benefit from these tools. Every spiritual tool offered is guaranteed, and certified, as to its authenticity in relationship to historical African standards.

About The Ifa Foundation

The Ifa Foundation Is a federally approved 501 C-3 not-for profit Foundation, providing information, teaching and spiritual items related to the Ancient African philosophy of IFA. This information is distributed online in the following locations:


May Event In Florida - First Time Open To The Public - Ifa Foundation of North & Latin America will be hosting the 1st Annual African Sacred Orisa Gardens Festival on May 14 and 15 in Central Florida. The spiritual healing event is the first time the Foundation has opened the gardens to the public. The Gardens are the only complete example of the ancient Spirits of West Africa in the Western Hemisphere. In African philosophy, genuine Spiritual Gardens represent the intermediate point of connection between human and Orisa (Eternal energies created by God). Please visit http://www.orisagardens.org for more information on this May festival event in Florida.