Queetles - Toys with a Mission of Global Awareness

Queetles mission is to create a fun and interactive product line that will engage and comfort children while delivering a message of goodwill and education.

Online PR News – 27-February-2011 – – It has been years since the simple announcement of a childrens' book has stirred up so much excitement. Queetles, those magical little critters from the rainforest, have launched their first childrens' storybook, and we are pleased to announce that it was well worth the wait.

FLOON AND THE BREATHING TREES invites its readers into a deep and enchanting rainforest grove called “The Land of QUEETLES,” a colorful, lively place populated with whimsical but friendly characters involved in adventures of magic and mystery.

Floon the Queetle, a protector of the rainforest, is an adorable critter who can fly by flapping his ears. He is soon transported through the magical Q-ring to help Tommy, a young boy who faces a big challenge in his own backyard. In the process, Floon teaches the boy about the secrets of the rainforest, the importance of trees, and the value of good deeds.

“We are quite excited to release the first in our series of ‘The Making of a Great Big Kid’ storybooks” says inventor and creator, Mr. Lo., “Our priority is to promote goodwill and a powerful global awareness through our toys and stories. By contributing 5% of every QUEETLE purchase to a charitable foundation, with causes including the protection of rainforests, curing kids with cancer, and childhood literacy, we contribute to improving our world while entertaining kids and teaching them valuable lessons in a way that is fun and educational, and provides interactive time with parents and their kids.”

Queetles, Inc. has made it easy for you to obtain a copy of their first book and become a part of what we foresee as a great journey. The book retails for $14.99, or you can download the PDF book for just $1.99, or download the DVD for $9.99. If you want to preview a quick screening of the DVD before purchase, click here: http://www.youtube.com/user/queetlesfamily.
What a wonderful, timely adventure – one that can be enjoyed by parent and child alike.