Book Launch Party Set for "The Merge" by Morgan Holland

Morgan Holland announced the upcoming release of her new book, The Merge: Love Yourself to Freedom.

Online PR News – 21-June-2018 – Silver Spring, MD – Author Morgan Holland announced the upcoming release of her new book, "The Merge: Love Yourself to Freedom." The official book launch party will be held on Friday, June 29, 2018, from 7-10:30 p.m. at the Silver Spring Civic Center, located at 1 Veterans Pl., Silver Spring, MD.

"Discover your authentic voice and find your path to freedom," said Holland. "The day my ego is fully engulfed by my authentic self, is what I'm working towards. The journey of the evolution of me is what I affectionately call - The Merge. Join me on this journey and let's merge into our authentic selves together."

Tickets to the gala event are available online. Guests will have the opportunity to mingle and network, hear live readings from the book's author, and enjoy food, drinks and music. A book signing will follow, a raffle giveaway will be conducted and there will be swag bags for all. "The Merge" will be available in a paperback and Kindle edition.

"The Merge" is the story of Dr. Mye Amor Hart. She's a wife, mother and business mogul living a luxurious lifestyle while feeling deeply unfulfilled. She's subjugated herself for years to take care of business and those important to her, only to discover she doesn't know who she really is anymore.

A cheating husband, a son that's run afoul of the law and an old flame converge in a perfect storm that convinces Mye that she must regain control, find herself, and strengthen her authentic voice. Mye's journey of self-discovery also brings forward someone from her past that is determined to permanently silence her by any means necessary.

Though fictional in nature, "The Merge" highlights a problem that many women face. They lose themselves in the roles that they fill each day within their families and their business endeavors, while losing sight of their authentic self. Holland addresses those issues in her new book with an engaging story that shows readers one woman's journey to self-love.

"The Merge: Love Yourself to Freedom" is a story for any woman who realizes she's lost track of her authentic self. The journey to self-love can be a difficult one in which long-standing beliefs, behaviors and habits must be discarded. Holland writes with passion and the knowledge that self-love can heal all wounds and help anyone discover their authentic voice.

The book launch party for "The Merge" on Friday, June 29, 2018 at Goal Care provides individuals with an opportunity to meet the author, obtain an autographed copy of the new novel, and enjoy all the festivities surrounding the celebration of a gifted writer and a woman who has achieved self-love and her authentic self.

About Morgan Holland
Morgan B. Holland is the author of "The Merge: Love Yourself to Freedom" and the founder and CEO of that has the mission of helping individuals create the life they want through goal setting and strategy training. Born in Washington, D.C., Holland took a chance and quit her job to write "The Merge" in 2017 and become a full-time entrepreneur. She's currently working on her second novel.