Author Betty Lowrey Explores Themes Of Faith, Acceptance And Self-Expression In Forgiven

Set against the backdrop of a child kidnapping, Betty Lowrey's "Forgiven" introduces readers to four fascinating women and prompts self-reflection.

Online PR News – 17-June-2018 – Dexter, Missouri – Author Betty Lowrey has turned a kidnapping mystery into a deeper story that explores the role of faith in how people react to traumatic events. Forgiven is the first in a series of five books that explore the themes of acceptance, self-expression, and the impact of faith on daily life. In this first book, readers are introduced to four women who come together against the backdrop of a child kidnapping near the Ozarks in Missouri. Ellen, Beatrice, Anne, and Harriet find their lives entwined and their tenuous friendship tested by the kidnapping of Ellen's daughter, Ruthie.

As the three support Ellen during this trying time, they are also carefully watching her and specifically how her faith in God influences her actions and beliefs throughout the ordeal. Will Ellen's faith compel the others to open their own hearts to God and perhaps find peace and acceptance?

"Forgiven is based on a network of women who ask little of each other, realizing each has made mistakes in their past and are striving to live a better life. Watching Ellen displaying her faith in God, the others begin to wonder what faith could do for their own life as they each face their own inner demons. Similarly, Forgiven prompts readers to examine their own faith and relationship with God," explained author Betty Lowrey.

Forgiven is being considered for film adaptation and will soon be available as an indie film production. Additional books in the series are: Forbidden, Forsaken, Forever, and Forgotten. Each books further explores the women, their developing friendships, and the role of faith and God in their lives.

Betty Lowrey is the author of eight books. In addition to the five in the Forgiven series, she has authored Promises, Serendipity on Angel's Wings, and Secrets. Her books are Available for purchase on

Forgiven prompts readers to examine their own faith and relationship with God

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