Introducing Chi City, the New Face of Hip Hop

He's toured with Philadelphia Freeway, performed for Slip N Slide and B.E.T., ghostwritten for some of today’s favorite artists, released over 9 underground mixtapes, and is now preparing to shake up the industry with his highly anticipated EP, Who Is Chi CIty?. With witty word play and unique flow, we introduce you now to the new face of Hip Hop.

Online PR News – 27-February-2011 – – Chicago – 2/25/2011 – “With a fresh, raw flow, and mid-west flavor, Chi City is bound to be a household name very soon. He is on a path to bring real, heartfelt Hip Hop music back into the industry; getting back to the essence of rapping. Chi City has the witty storytelling techniques of the late, great Biggie Smalls, sick lyrical word play of Lil Wayne, and an uncanny ability to switch up his flow in ways that sound like none other. Track to track, verse to verse, he has the skills and talent to compete with anyone in the game right now.” - Wesley W. Jenkins for The Shoot Magazine

Who is Chi City, you may ask? In answer to that Chi City would proclaim proudly, “I am Chi City” not only signifying his rap moniker but his love for his hometown of Chicago as well. With musical influences spanning from Jay Z and Kanye West to Twista and Do or Die, just to name a few, this 23-year-old Chicago native is a force to be reckoned with and just may be in heavy rotation on your local radio station in the very near future.

Born and raised in the gang-infested neighborhoods on Chicago’s South Side, Chi City grew up turning the negative images around him into moving street narratives. Influenced by seeing someone as young as Lil Bow Wow living out his dreams on TV, the mind of a lyrical genius was sparked. At the young age of 16, Chi City was already making a name for himself around Chicago’s South Side area. From freestyle battles to talent shows, Chi City was a rising star eventually catching the attention of Chicago’s Street Edition magazine in which he received a write-up. Other than being an artist himself, Chi City is also a recording engineer. By the age of 17, Chi City had his own recording studio and was earning money by ghostwriting for other artists and helping artists market and promote mix-tapes which he produced himself. As time passed, he started his own record label, O.M.O (On My Own) Entertainment and began to take his destiny into his hands.

In 2007, Chi City was chosen as one of 80 artists to perform at Slip N Slide DJs 1st Annual Artist Showcase in Florida. His skillful delivery and performance impressed Slip N Slide DJs and execs so much that he was asked to return to the Slip N Slide DJ convention held with Block Entertainment and other labels. Consequently, Chi City was asked to represent Slip N Slide as one of their On The Grind artists, but with his mid-west state of mind, he turned down the offer in search of a better chance at success. In 2009, Chi City was also chosen to perform at the B.E.T. Artist Showcase held in Columbus, Ohio. Chi City also landed a chance to join a 10 city tour with Philadelphia Freeway as the start of a onslaught of performances throughout the summer of ’09 as well as being featured in online magazine, The Shoot, as ‘the New Face of Hip Hop’.

Chi City has released over 9 underground mix-tapes and has been featured on over 85+ collaboration tracks nationwide that where all national releases, including New York Based Dj Envy artist, Grand Finaal and artists overseas in the UK and Germany. His track “Get Money” received rave reviews after being featured on the nationwide mix cd “A Vixen Affair the Mix-tape Vol. 1″ produced by DJ Gloss and the Real Muzak Vixens. “Industry 101″, a track outlining the ups and downs of the industry, was selected for Volume 1 of the “Girl on Girl” mix tape series produced by Gallic Wars Mix-tapes and Probably one of his hottest mix tapes to date, “Almost Signed” has received a five star rating on

Fast forward to 2011, Chi City now has several label offers on the table, an All-Star team, a new project under wraps entitled ‘Who Is Chi City’, major endorsements in line, and a new outlook on life. You can see there is no slowing down this young ambitious entrepreneur anytime soon!! Like his platinum Chi-town counterparts, Kanye West, Twista and Common, Chi City is destined to join his city’s rap elite.
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