Former Corporate Drone Creates His Dream Lifestyle

Scott Snellgrove is a successful entrepreneur based out of Jonesboro, Ark., who is living a lifestyle of freedom and comfort thanks to the power of the Internet. He is earning a steady residual income online and is committed to showing others how to do the same so they can live their dreams.

Online PR News – 27-February-2011 – – Having a well-paying job and loving one’s occupation are often mutually exclusive concepts. Usually, if people want to be wealthy, they have to resign themselves to working long hours while catering to the whims of a boss. Very rarely is it possible for someone to make good money while doing what they love, but that is exactly what Arkansas resident Scott Snellgrove is doing.

“I spent many years toiling in the corporate world,” said Snellgrove. “Due to the long hours my job demanded, I had to sacrifice playing music with my friends, which is a huge passion of mine.”

After having to work through yet another weekend and missing out on playing a gig with his band, Snellgrove knew that he had to make a change. Even though his job was paying him well, the tradeoff of having no personal freedom and having to be at the beck and call of a boss was no longer worth the income. He decided he would rather be a “starving artist” than to continue working day and night just to have money that he would never have time to spend.

“Once I made the decision to leave the corporate lifestyle behind and get back to what I was all about,” said Snellgrove, “I felt this incredible weight lift off my shoulders. I found that getting into the right frame of mind was all it took for everything to start falling into place.”

Snellgrove’s determination for a better quality of life lead him to the Internet, where after some trial and error, he found an opportunity that enabled him to create a lifestyle where he was able to focus on playing music while earning more money than he was while working for someone else. On his website,, he details how others like him, who are exhausted with the corporate lifestyle, or those who are looking to supplement their family’s income can take action to quickly and easily accomplish their goals.

“I’m confident that anyone who is 100% dedicated to living life on their terms and is ready to love what they do everyday will succeed with this life-changing program,” said Snellgrove. “After committing wholeheartedly to learning this simple system, I’m now spending everyday doing whatever I want while making more money than I ever thought possible!”


Scott Snellgrove is an independent entrepreneur based in Jonesboro, Ark., who has leveraged the power of the Internet to change his life. He is eager to share his knowledge with others and loves helping people to harness their full potential. He urges those who are ready to start living their dreams to visit his website at or email him at