Tenn. Legislators Propose Slew of Auto Insurance Bills

The proposals are aimed at stopping the uninsured motorist problem. Rather than face serious repercussions for not having a policy, Tennesseans can find affordable coverage at OnlineAutoInsurance.com

Online PR News – 25-February-2011 – – Tennessee was estimated in 2009 to have had one of the highest rates of drivers pulling out onto the road without car insurance, with the Insurance Research Council estimating that 4 years ago approximately 1 in 5 drivers did not have a policy. In a blitz of new proposals, legislators in the state are aiming to cut that high rate of uninsured motorists by increasing fines and creating more barriers to driving without coverage.

At least eight pieces of legislation were introduced this month with the intention of increasing the number of drivers in the state covered by proper Tennessee auto insurance policies.

• HB 0556 and SB 0525 would institute a “no pay, no play” statute in the financial responsibility law. This statute would bar uninsured drivers from collecting for non-economic losses resulting from an accident, unless it was caused by another motorist under the influence of drugs or alcohol or if the other driver is convicted of vehicular assault or homicide in the accident.

• HB 1071 and SB 0821 would require proof of insurance in order to register a car.

• HB 1296 and SB 1342 would require law enforcement officers to ask for proof of coverage from a driver when they are being cited for any traffic violation.

• HB 1834 and SB 1292 would increase the penalty for failing to provide proof of coverage from $100 to $250 for a first offense and would establish a $500 fine and mandatory impoundment of the vehicle for a second offense.

Source: http://capitol.tn.gov/

These measures, though, have a long way to go before becoming law. All have been introduced, but none have made their way to the full House or Senate for a vote.

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