Password Generation Feature Made Available on Cyclonis Password Manager Application for PCs and Macs

With the Cyclonis Password Manager, we wanted to create a convenient and easy-to-use data management tool that would be available completely free of charge.

Online PR News – 02-June-2018 – Dublin, Ireland – Why do users need a password generator?

Password creation used to be a fairly simple process. Users would pick something easy to type and easy to remember, and many of them would be fine. In the past, hacking attacks were aimed at high-profile targets only. As the Internet grew, however, regular users started performing more and more important tasks online, and the volume of sensitive data stored on their accounts expanded. Consequently, the number of people who wanted to steal the data also grew.

Suddenly, the simple passwords of the past were no longer adequate to protect the vast amounts of valuable information, and security experts started saying that people must use long, random passwords that are full of different types of characters. This proved to be too difficult for users, and patterns like replacing "a" with "@" emerged. Password cracking tools used by cybercriminals quickly caught up, and because people started creating more and more accounts protected by the same password, the problem became even more serious.

With Cyclonis Password Manager, all this can be consigned to the past

The integrated password generator helps users create completely random, impossible-to-guess passwords that don't use the traditional patterns people usually employ. Every single generated password is unique and has no resemblance to the previous one. Since the newly created passwords can be stored in the user's vault, there's no need to remember them, which, in turn, eliminates the need to reuse them.

The passwords generated by Cyclonis Password Manager are much stronger than anything a human being can think of and memorize which essentially means that it's a security feature. Often, however, security features have serious usability problems. To combat this, we made sure that the password generator is easily accessible. Users can find it in the Tools menu of the Cyclonis Password Manager desktop application, and they can also access it from the blue icon of the browser extension. To make it even more convenient to use, when people are creating an account, they can generate a new password directly from the password field.

Different parameters for different websites

Being one of the most important features of Cyclonis Password Manager, we wanted to make sure that people will use it as frequently as possible. By default, the passwords it generates are fourteen characters long and consist of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Although experts say that there should be no length and type restrictions on the passwords users set, some websites still impose limits.

With Cyclonis Password Manager's password generator, you can set the parameters of the passwords you're generating so that it fits the requirements of the website you want to use. You can change both the length and the types of characters that will be included in the password.

The password generator feature is an essential part of Cyclonis Password Manager. It removes the barriers people face when they try to create and memorize complex, unique passwords on their own.

The Cyclonis Password Manager desktop application is available for Windows and MacOS and is free to use. To learn more about it, go to

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