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Keep looking for new talent and widen your interview net to ensure business growth, spot them, track their progress and be ready to make an offer if the need arises. Parker Worldwide Ltd director "Boyd Parker"claims this is a key to their constant growth in the UK.

Online PR News – 25-February-2011 – – Parker Worldwide believe that The quality of the people who work for you is one of the most important factors in the success of your business, but recruiting can be a hit and miss affair.

All too often we hear companies complaining that they went to a lot of time and trouble to hire someone only to find that he or she did not live up to expectations and promises.

In today’s market you need a solid recruitment plan.

You need strategies that will help you target and recruit the right people for your business first time round.

The key to successful hiring is to develop a recruitment plan that will enable you to:-

Anticipate requirements.
Target qualified candidates.
Sort the winners from the losers in the evaluation process.
Be ahead of the game.

The worst thing for any buyer is to be under pressure to make a quick purchase decision without having time to investigate all the possibilities. It is important therefore to leave yourself time to shop around when it comes to taking on a new team. Increase the volume of candidates you sit with to ensure you have the best of the best.

Target your candidates wisely.

Employers often find they are forced to choose from a shortlist of candidates, none of whom really fits the bill.

To widen your choice try:-

Regular talent scouting.

Don't wait until you need employees but keep a constant lookout for potential candidates.

When you spot them, track their progress and be ready to make an offer if the need arises. Parker Worldwide Ltd director claims this is a key to their constant growth in the UK.

Casting the net more widely.

Placing a classified ad in the local paper or in industry or professional publications is not the only way to find suitable candidates.

Try also:-

Including employment opportunities in your communications with your customers or clients.

Contacting larger companies that are downsizing and asking them to recommend ex-employees.

Looking in areas where there are depressed markets.

Check for authenticity.

The first thing to do when you receive applications is to check them for authenticity. Many bosses have encountered serious lying on CVs. The most common inaccuracies, in order of frequency, are about:

Previous experience.
Higher educational qualifications.
Secondary education qualifications.

Moreover, an increasing number of candidates are presenting bogus degrees and certificates obtained from disreputable agencies on the internet and elsewhere. There are organisations that specialise in validating educational and other qualifications, and you might consider using them for key positions.

Asking candidates to submit samples of their work or participate in a test before any interview can also help to whittle down the shortlist.

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