Types of Engineering Introduced For Those In Different Types Of Engineering Fields

New website 'Types Of Engineering' designed as a social network for engineers, technical professionals and engineering students

Online PR News – 25-February-2011 – – Cambridge, Massachusetts – Today a new blog-based website was launched called “Types Of Engineering” designed as a meeting place for engineers and engineering students to get advice, share ideas and talk about today's engineering challenges at http://www.TypesOfEngineering.net. The website is published by the Industrial Leaders Group (ILG) and provides information on transportation, aerospace, ocean, agricultural, nuclear, architectural, mineral & mining, biomedical, metallurgy, chemical, mechanical, civil, manufacturing, industrial, electrical and computer engineering fields. ILG officials said the site enables students, companies and others to interact with engineers involved in various fields with emphasis on encouraging users to ask questions, provide solutions and share ideas for their community and beyond.

According to Types Of Engineering (http://TypesOfEngineering.net) spokesperson Lloyd Cole, the site also provides descriptions, reviews, and contact details on various leading engineering schools in the United States such as Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT), University of California-Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Stanford University, California Institute of Technology, University of Texas-Austin, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Purdue University-West Lafayette, Texas A&M University, Cornell University and other leading engineering schools. Cole said the idea is the engage engineering students around the country to share the pros and cons of their university in effort to help one another select the most suitable college for their engineering field of their choice.

“Although Types Of Engineering appears to be mainly for students it should be clarified it's just as useful for engineers themselves that not only wish to provide advice to inspiring students but also interact with domestic and international companies, organizations and establishments in need of engineering solutions for their facility, community or technical challenge.” said Cole. He added, “The idea is to bring together in a single platform some of the greatest thinkers as a mastermind working as a team in effort to solve today's most important engineering challenges from infrastructure, energy and medical to transportation, environmental and population,” said Cole. He went on to explain www.TypesOfEngineering.NET also offers engineering textbooks, manuals and complete new and used volume sets covering the different types of engineering fields.

About Types Of Engineering

Types of Engineering is a social networking website intended for engineers and engineering students as well as those in need of engineering and technical solutions for their community, manufacturing facility, organization or establishment for virtually every industry, sector, application, municipal and region of the world. The site offers information on leading universities, publications, different types of engineering fields as well as provides a platform for users to interact with one another in effort to solve the greatest engineering challenges that face mankind today and in the future. More information can be found at http://www.TypesOfEngineering.net