Oklahoma Calvert Academy Is a Tuition-Free Virtual Cyber School

If you are on the lookout for a novel school that gets you a lot more involved in your child’s education, Oklahoma Calvert Academy is a cyber school that will help you achieve exactly that.

Online PR News – 25-February-2011 – – Oklahoma Calvert Academy follows an instructional model that provides individualized learning plans that are primarily geared towards meeting each and every student’s individual needs. By conducting classes online, it offers parents a choice of paying more attention to their children’s education and also helps them recognize their talent and strengths. The academy has a one-year program that comes with free enrollment in. The specially designed Calvert curriculum has the best blend of innovative and traditional modes of study. These classes that are focused on education at the elementary school are conducted by qualified and trained teachers who harness the power of various training tools and techniques to provide instructional oversight.

Traditional classrooms that employ old-school methods of teaching and instruction are now passé. Virtual schools where students are taught through the Internet are the modern way of providing quality education. Cyber schools right from the elementary level to those suitable for undergraduate and PhD students have become immensely popular today. Getting a degree online is a lot easier than going about the traditional process of attending regular classrooms and courses.

Calvert school offers students an amazing blend of discipline and flexibility. By providing their students a virtual atmosphere of collaboration and interaction and a curriculum that comes with well-defined academic goals, Oklahoma Calvert Academy creates space for individualized learning plans. Their 21st century instructional learning technology creates a school community that makes education and learning a fun and enjoyable process. The courses offered by Oklahoma virtual school are accredited and time-tested. For struggling readers and learners, they have a separate type of learning known as a Verticy Learning that has specially designed curriculum. Students who follow an online education program are also given homework and classroom assignments. All the classroom sessions are interactive where students can send their professors any questions that they may have using a message board. Calvert school also pays close attention to attendance and participation that go into their grading system.

Oklahoma Calvert Academy gives students a flexible schedule that gives students a lot of freedom at the elementary level. Students also enjoy the benefit of avoiding uncomfortable situations that induce stress and tension.