Learning Italian Language and Culture in Italy with a Gap Year in Italy

Spending a whole Academic School Year in Italy is the best way for learning Italian language and knowing more about Italian culture and traditions.

Online PR News – 25-February-2011 – – Studying a foreign language is a total experience, especially if the goal is to reach that level of proficiency when even the nuances and variations are mastered.

Everyone knows that to go that far, the pure linguistic element is not enough, it is essential to add cultural studies, which enrich the content of such an experience.

All this is true especially for a language like Italian, suspended between the past and present, where the difference between the official language (the one used in that nation's courts, parliament and administration) and local dialects has not disappeared even in highest levels of education and politics.

The LDV Academic year in Italy

The course designed by Scuola Leonardo da Vinci, to guide the student to such an ambitious goal is the Academic Year Course in Italy, where the study of language goes hand by hand with the improvement of cultural knowledge, issues related to elements of the Italian culture such as Art History, Cinema, Theatre, Fashion, Food, Literature, Politics and Society.

Academic Year - First Semester

The course is divided in three semesters so that allows a phased approach to the objective. The first one (12 weeks) focuses exclusively on the linguistic part. The school equips the student, no matter of the initial level of Italian knowledge, with the language skills necessary to understand the cultural program that will start during the second semester. The verification of Italian linguistic knowledge has been entrusted to the examination AIL (intermediate level B1 or B2), scheduled at the end of the first session.

Academic Year - Second Semester

The second part (12 weeks) is where the school continues the linguistic preparation and start upgrading the vocabulary with cultural knowledge. Cultural subjects such as Arts, Cinema, Fashion and Food are inserted in order to expand the experience and to help the student to arrive at level of advanced knowledge of Italian. To control and prove the progress of Italian language skill there is a second exam AIL (advanced level C1 or C2).

Academic Year - Third Semester

The third session (8 weeks) is finally devoted exclusively to cultural aspects. Only at this point, the school adds subjects such as Literature, Theatre, Politics and Society, knowing it will be linguistic adventure for the student.

Students’ final challenge will be an essay written in Italian to be discussed at the end of the program. While preparing the article in the last three weeks of the Academic year in Italy, the student is assisted to a tutor. This last task will reveal not only the language skills gained but will allow the students to express, develop and set their ideas and concepts.

Academic year in Italy - Outcomes

It 's easy to deduce from above that this is an experience of high level, which can enrich the Curriculum Vitae even of a very sophisticated student or of those who are aiming at making a career or developing academic background in Italy.

Academic year in numbers

Duration: 32 weeks
Total language lessons: 480
Total lessons for preparation of exams: 80
Total cultural lessons: 80
Recommended level to enroll: from beginner (A1) until intermediate (B1)
Certificates: Florence AIL intermediate, Florence AIL advanced, Certificate “Academic year”.