WeeTect Developed Anti-Glare Film to Reduce Reflection for Your Screens

WeeTect, a leading manufacturer of optical coating, today developed an anti-glare film for screens and displays, WeeTect Anti-Glare Film.

Online PR News – 11-May-2018 – Shanghai – WeeTect, a leading manufacturer of optical coating, today developed an anti-glare film for screens and displays, WeeTect Anti-Glare Film (WAGF). It features high quality anti-glare substrates and anti-scratch properties.

This new anti-glare film for screens comes with or without self-adhesive retrofit depending on specific application requirements. With its unique technology and performance, it is suitable for anti-glare film for TV, anti-glare film for cars, anti-glare film for monitors, anti-glare film for tablets, etc.

"We have developed an anti-reflective film that is impact resistant and UV resistant, specially designed to eliminate glare without interfering with the screen resolution or image quality," said Taylors Lei, WeeTect's product manager. "WeeTect uses an accurate and reliable technology to apply a very thin layer of anti-glare ingredients, alongside a scratch resistance (H3) substrates and other optical coating upon request. With WeeTect's know-how in optical coating, this film guarantees and optical class 1 surface and performance."

WeeTect's new anti-glare film is a Nano polyester material, with permanent anti-reflective substrates. It reduces glare by diffusing harsh reflection on any optical surface.

With its high impact resistance, it protects screens from high excessive force that could otherwise cause them to break. Therefore, the new WeeTect Anti-Glare Film provides an ultimate protection and guarantee optical properties on all optical surfaces.

To reduce all reflection on screens, WeeTect Anti-Glare Film must pass strict quality tests and analysis in the company's Foshan Laboratory. Among the critical tests include refractive index tests according to ISO 1183, total light transmittance according to ISO 13468-1 and Haze.

Of course, other quality tests include chemical, pencil hardness and adhesive strength, amongst others.
At the moment, WeeTect has the capability to apply a range of anti-glare coating such as single layer anti-reflection coating, multi-layer anti-reflective coating, absorbing AR coating, gradient index AR coating or circular polarizer.

Also, depending on the clients' specific requirements, WeeTect Anti-Glare Film for screens is available in roll or standard sizes. It can be die cut to size, with WeeTect now opening door for OEM clients.

About WeeTect

WeeTect Material Limited manufacturers lens & visors for OEM businesses. Since 1993, the company has invested in R&D, producing many polycarbonate coatings.

The latest in its product line are WeeTect Anti Glare Film (WAGF) also named anti-reflective film. This is alongside anti-reflective coating.

Contact Details:

Name: Taylors Lei (Product Manager)
Email: sales@weetect.com
Phone: +86-1381-690-5765
Website: http://www.weetect.com/

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