Warme Releases New Electric Fireplace With Patented HAZE Flame Technology

Warme has recently unveiled the newest addition to their lineup of popular electric heaters, the Warme Firebox.

Online PR News – 11-May-2018 – Leicester,UK – Warme has recently unveiled the newest addition to their lineup of popular electric heaters, the Warme Firebox. Their latest electric fireplace includes a patented HAZE flame technology, making it unique and unlike any other electric heater on the market.

The Warme Firebox is quoted as "simply the best looking electric fireplace" available on the market. It was created by a team with over 30 years of experience producing electric wall heaters, and the Warme Firebox is their latest creation that fuses stylish design with robust and practical usability.

The Warme Firebox is child and pet-friendly, meaning it can be used safely around the home due to its flameless design. It is 50" wide, giving it the appearance of a modern television instead of a traditional heater, giving it a unique look and edge over the competition. To provide better efficiency, the Warme Firebox is a fan-assisted electric heater. This allows the Warme Firebox to heat a room much faster than competing electric heaters and improves the overall efficiency.

The Warme Firebox is also dimmable, giving the user control over the lighting elements and temperature of the heater separately. The LED lights have various colour settings that can be controlled by the user to create different mood settings. In addition, the flames and the flame bed can be coloured to match furniture or decor designs and can be changed if needed. If desired, the lighting elements can be turned off and these settings can all be changed with a state-of-the-art remote control.

Unlike competing electric heating solutions, the Warme Firebox can be mounted underneath wall-mounted televisions. They can also be mounted to any wall within minutes with the provided wall brackets or can be inserted flush into a wall cavity if desired. The unit also contains feet so it can be used as a floor-standing electric heater. Despite the small size, the Warme Firebox is capable of outputting both 1kw and 2kw. These two settings can be changed as needed to provide 10-27 degrees C of heat.

The Warme Firebox includes a 2-year guarantee with no quibble, parts and labour warranty, and delivery is entirely free across 27 countries in Europe. Pre-orders are currently being taken with a 55% discount when the voucher code FIREBOX is used.

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