JSI Insurance Agency Announces Latest Ways on How to Deal with Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud happens more often than one might realize. JSI Insurance Agency, an agency which provides auto insurance in Colorado Springs

If something about the accident doesn't seem right let your insurance agent know

Online PR News – 10-May-2018 – Colorado Springs, CO – Insurance fraud happens more often than one might realize. John Smith Insurance Agency, an agency which provides auto insurance in Colorado Springs, explains the methods used in insurance fraud as well as the implications for the victim and the person initiating the fraud. It begins with being aware of the types of scams which are happening.

Many times, insurance fraud is planned by a perpetrator. They stage accidents to collect on insurance claims. One of the most common types of collisions which are staged is a rear-end car crash. It happens when the driver in front slams on their brakes. The person behind them does not have enough time to stop before a collision occurs. The first driver will receive a payout for damage to the vehicle, and they may fake an injury to collect even more money. Another situation which involves insurance fraud is where the person will add damage to a vehicle after the fact to file a higher claim. This is one reason having a police report and taking photos is essential in car collisions.

Another instance of insurance fraud is when a driver waves another car along but then crashes into them. After the fact, they claim they never waved the other person ahead. For more elaborate scams, doctors, lawyers and even body shops may increase the costs of repairs or injury to collect more from the insurance provider. This is one reason it is a good idea to deal with a person's insurance agent in a claim so they know what is valid. It is also important to contact the Colorado Springs auto insurance agency as soon as an accident occurs so they can begin an investigation.

John Smith of John Smith Insurance Agency recommends taking good notes when a person is involved in a crash. He says to get the information on all parties involved and write down details of the accident along with taking multiple photos. "Trust your gut," Smith says. "If something about the accident doesn't seem right, let your insurance agent know. " He goes on to explain that the claims specialist will conduct an investigation if the driver feels there is fraud involved or that someone is lying about the situation.

Smith also says that it is important to be a safe and aware driver. Following basic defensive driving rules can help eliminate the potential for insurance fraud or scams. For instance, Smith says drivers should follow at a safe distance behind other vehicles, especially in wet or slick road conditions. They should watch the traffic and wait their turn instead of being waved out into traffic. Drivers should also use their own doctors and body repair shops to ensure an accurate assessment is made. Insurance scams happen more than one might think, and it is important to be prepared. Smith says to report anything that does not seem right or that seems like it might be a scam. It is the job of the claims department to investigate all suspicions of insurance fraud.

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