327,000,000 US$ to be invested in Braamhoek Pumped-Storage Scheme Project

Braamhoek Pumped-Storage Project will consist of construction of underground waterways, access tunnels & roads and is being valued at 327,000,000 US dollars.

Online PR News – 25-February-2011 – – Feb 25th 2011: Valued at three hundred and twenty-seven million(327,000,000) US dollars, the Braamhoek Pumped-Storage Project will be fully functional by the year 2012. The project will consist of construction of underground waterways, access tunnels & roads, underground powerhouse complex and two dams, one at the bottom of the escarpment and another one at the top.

Having a capacity of 1330 MW, the pumped-storage scheme will utilize extra electricity for pumping water in off-peak hours from the bottom dam towards the top dam through the underground tunnels. It is from here, that it will be released through the hydroturbines and tunnels back into the bottom dam for producing electricity during times of high demand. Last date of submission for the bids is 31st Dec' 2012.

Complete tender details can be found at the following link:

Details of the Project:
Total Estimated Cost: USD 327000000 (three hundred and twenty-seven million)
Date of Submission: 31st Dec' 2012
Country: South Africa

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