Put teaching material to the test: YoYoBrain.com delivers free online tool for teachers and students

YoYoBrain provides an online platform for improving teaching and learning.

Online PR News – 09-November-2009 – – Dallas, Texas, November 2, 2009 -- YoYoBrain takes a different approach to learning by asking the question, ‘What if we test the content instead of the student?’ Consistent with the Department of Education’s increasing focus on teacher effectiveness, YoYoBrain’s learning communities, memorization tools for students and content-effectiveness reports for teachers guide improvement in study content and teaching approaches.

The key learning component behind YoYoBrain’s platform is the Flash Card Memorization Tool, helping students set goals and keep track of progress over a period of time. Learners can either set the number of flash cards to learn each day, or YoYoBrain can calculate an optimal number of cards based on an upcoming test or exam date.

“This tool makes it easy to learn fact-based information. In any subject, there are core concepts to learn before moving on to problem solving and critical thinking. We want to help learners get there faster,” said Will Bunker, YoYoBrain co-Founder and Developer.

YoYoBrain takes the self-testing mechanism of flash cards to another level by adding reports for teachers on study activity. By tracking frequently missed cards, teachers can access data on their student’s progress and gaps in teaching material.

“After my students studied on YoYoBrain, I had immediate access to a report of their activity and the concepts with which they were struggling,” said Brennan Meier, 5th Grade Teacher at Long Elementary in Las Vegas, Nevada. “The reporting feature on YoYoBrain gives teachers insight into material they need to re-teach.”

YoYoBrain goes beyond flash cards by supporting file sharing and subject outlines. The platform aims to be a resource where educators and learners can build quality, free material together.

“YoYoBrain seems to be the best Web 2.0 platform for my art history,” said Jennifer Fronterhouse, AP Art History teacher at Centennial High School in Frisco, Texas.

A teacher can create subjects, upload notes, outlines, flash cards, audio and video - or access material from the site’s database of over 150,000 resources covering topics ranging from 5th Grade Math to AP Biology. Because YoYoBrain is web-based and free, students can easily access their teacher’s subjects and the site’s learning and social networking tools.

“My 5th grade students used YoYoBrain to review essential math vocabulary terms before our state-wide standardized testing. The YoYoBrain flash cards actively engaged my students in learning using a combination of terms, definitions, and images. This online learning tool monitored their progress towards accurate mastery of these terms and motivated them to strive for this goal,” said Meredith Kohl, 5th Grade Teacher at Long Elementary in Las Vegas, Nevada. “YoYoBrain helped me make academic content interactive and turned the repetitive task of flash card review into a fun learning experience.”

About YoYoBrain: YoYoBrain is a free platform for a world-wide community of learners and educators. YoYoBrain provides a way to organize facts, and put them into context with supporting community and learning tools. Users can create or use existing resources in the form of flash cards, notes, documents, audio and video. The flash card memorization tool calculates a learner’s optimal pace of learning and reviewing to help learners get results in as little time possible, while Usage Reports help teachers identify gaps in proficiency and content effectiveness. YoYoBrain facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration by empowering users to easily share material with friends and colleagues.

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