MixMining Mixes Business with Cloud Mining Pleasure

The cloud mining market has finally moved beyond the stage of constant tectonic shifts which, if anything,

Online PR News – 29-April-2018 – Dongcheng – The cloud mining market has finally moved beyond the stage of constant tectonic shifts which, if anything, made professionalization and standardization industrial norms to aspire to. This is not to say that the effects of its earlier instability are not felt today, with customers still being on the guard against scammers and those who promise easy overnight riches. Luckily for the more discerning among them, the crowd at MixMining has recognized huge opportunity in being able to offer a state-of-the-art cloud mining platform at affordable prices, strengthened by rock solid mechanisms in place which guarantee excellent return on investment (ROI) and the security of an overall enterprise.

Yes, MixMining (www.mixmining.com ) makes it its mission statement to focus on two key tasks: creating a top of the line hashrate purchasing solution platform for respectable clients, while clearing out the bad rep that mining scammers give to the industry as a whole. In the market that slowly grows tired with big promises, MixMining wants to make its competitive advantages over competitors stick out as naturally as stripes on a tiger.

First of all, MixMining offers multi-cryptocurrency cloud mining services designed by industry veterans. It supports mining of Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash currencies, via a wide range of cloud mining plans which are suited for all client profiles. Getting into business has never been easier: following the plan selection, the client can adjust the appropriate slider bar to set the required hashrate value. Once the buying option is confirmed, the order will be considered valid and the contract enters into force. It will serve as your authorization to start mining those valuable currencies as soon as possible, with the first payments starting to pour into your wallet no later than 48 hours, followed by daily payment rhythm. Simple as that.

In addition to this profitable opportunity, cloud mining with MixMining allows you to keep your hard earned cash for yourself, as you do not need to spend it on increasingly expensive mining hardware. Compared to its competitors in this field, MixMining wants to go an extra mile by offering highly competitive prices for this market, at the rate of 13,99H/s.

This means that the customer can hit the earning sweet spot right from the start, as the competitors who may offer even lower rates are usually scammers one better stays away from. Instead, MixMining wants its customers to reap rewards which are substantial from the start, as well as help them get clear projections in terms of estimated profits over time. As there is no room for any sort of hocus-pocus, every calculation will be based on the estimation of the initial capital recovery based on the exact data MixMining provides to its customers. Another thing setting it apart from the competitors is its total and honest dedication to transparency, particularly when it comes to fees (electric fee or maintenance fee) which is ensured even with its Eth mining plan.

Finally, this focus on data driven business is reflected in the level of support the MixMining personal support center offers to its clients. The rock solid data it provides serve as a huge boost to the client's investment planning, and these are made available via a user friendly and accessible login interface. The same design philosophy was applied to the design of customer applications through which clients can easily check their hashrate assets and get access to investment income reports at any place and time.

The dust has settled on the cloud mining market and MixMining wants to make it known that its competitive offer will make it a force to be reckoned with.

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