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Zap those mosquito's before they get the chance to bite you with Deet insect repellent!

Online PR News – 25-February-2011 – – Zap those mosquito's before they get the chance to bite you with Deet insect repellent! Deet is a highly effective insect repellent, that comes in the forms of mosquito spray, creams, lotions, sticks, and the mosiband for a dry insect repellent. It's not only a mosquito killer but also repels against, nasty tics, fleas,chiggers and irritating flies, that can ruin your summer or holiday!

Deet stops these insects in their tracks before they even get to you! For some reason they are naturally attracted to our skin through the smell of carbon dioxide from our breath. Deet insect repellent confuses that smell so they simply don't know we are there! Deet insect repellent jams up their sensors in just one application! The most popular formula is the mosquito spray , however there are many product formulas available today! For those who prefer a dry insect repellent then opt for the Deet based Mosiband that can be worn on the wrist or ankle.

Don't worry about sun protection as Deet can be used after your sun screen application! But the best repellent of all is your clothing! Try to wear long sleeves and trousers, even if it's hot quality cotton will keep you cool. Deet insect repellent can even be sprayed on your clothes for extra protection! If you do get caught out, most bites are just irritating, and cause unattractive red swelling. They do look unattractive but most over the counter products work quickly: just don't get caught and think Deet every time you shower, wake up, and go to bed!

Your summers and holidays will have a whole new meaning! You can have peace of mind with Deet insect repellent, and mosquito spray! Deet is one of the most effective and popular insect repellent products in the repellent industry today! So don't get bit get Deet!

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