Corona Marketing Group introduces CopyKing, USB/SD/MSD flash duplicators

CopyKing is a portable USB, SD or MicroSD duplicator that features Ethernet connectivity, internal HDD storage, 3.5” TFT LCD display & replaceable I/O modules

Online PR News – 24-February-2011 – – Corona Marketing Group ( announces the release of CopyKing USB, SecureDigital (SD) and MicroSD flash duplicators in 20 or 52-target configurations. CopyKing can function either standalone or in optional PC-managed mode, connecting up to 200 units via standard Ethernet connection.

“Flash duplicators have become more common as USB, SD and MicroSD gaining popularity as the ideal storage media for data sharing and distribution. Flash duplicator is more productive & cost-effective for volume duplication.” said Cedric Tan of Corona Marketing Group. “CopyKing offers scalable flexibility designed for growth. A duplication facility can easily create a network of up to 200 CopyKing duplicators performing different tasks while managed from a single computer. CopyKing SD & MicroSD models also support CPRM digital content protection for content developers who wish to keep their data safe.”

“Many existing flash duplicators have the sockets soldered onto the controller modules. When they failed, the entire module had to be replaced, causing prolonged downtime. For CopyKing, sockets are placed on independent I/O modules so everyday user can easily replace worn-out sockets with little interruption to daily operation.” added Cedric Tan. “Compatibility between controllers in duplicators and flash devices is one area extremely critical to duplication accuracy and yet is commonly overlooked. CopyKing is compatible with Phison flash controllers, the global leader in flash controller technology. This gives CopyKing perhaps the best overall flash device compatibility on the market.”

CopyKing uses power-saving, quiet-operating, industrial-quality chassis, with a 3.5” color TFT LCD screen for clear message display and supports available advanced features such as CPRM (Content Protection for Recorded Media), multiple-partition, password protection and more. CPRM is based on 4C Entity protocol as defined by Intel, IBM, Matsushita/Panasonic and Toshiba.

Pricing and Availability
CopyKing Lite standalone 20-target duplicators for USB, SD and MicroSD are available now with a suggested retail price of $2,399 each. Advanced features such as internal HDD storage, Ethernet connectivity, multiple partition support, password protection and more are available on CopyKing Standard models in 20 or 52-target configurations. Please contact us for pricing. CPRM support is available only on SD and MicroSD standard models.

About Corona Marketing Group
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