Superpod of Dolphins Spotted During Key West Dolphin Swim

Earlier this month, just beyond the reef in Key West, an extremely large pod of dolphins was spotted during a daily dolphin tour run by tour booking company Key West Visitor Guide.

Online PR News – 09-November-2009 – – For our Key West Dolphin Swim tours, it's a daily occurence to spot the resident pod of dolphins in Key West. Our top guides know the waters around Key West so well they can seemingly predict where the dolphins are going to be from day to day. Of course this isn't true, but according to passenger testimonials, they always seem to be able to find the dolphins. Well, imagine their surprise when a larger than usual pod of dolphins zoomed in and ran with the boat for about twenty mintues. This was totally unexpected for our Key West dolphin swim captain, who runs these tours almost every day of the year.

"I almost couldn't believe my eyes", said Gerry DeMines, who runs one of the Key West Dolphin Swim charters for "I mean, I'm never quite sure what we're going to find out there, but this pod was so much larger than we're used to seeing. I dont' know if two pods joined together, or if this pod was a group of dolphins I've never seen before. I looked for the distinguishing marks of the dolphins I know and see almost every day, but I'm not sure I recognized any" says Captain DeMines, a twenty year veteral of the Key West dolphin swim available for booking every day of the year at

Dolphin pods are local to a specific area, usually. That's how dolphin swim tour guides know they can almost always find the local dolphins somewhere near Key West. Dolphin pods normally contain about a dozen dolphins. But sometimes separate pods will merge temporarily to form a superpod. And that's just what our local Captain DeMines may have seen last week. A superpod comprised of two pods, one or both of which may be the same local pod of dolphins we regularly takes his passengers out to see around Key West.

All the Key West Dolphin Swim captains go out of their way to find the dolphin pods for their passengers. If the pod isn't found in their regular hunting and playing grounds, our captains will go the extra mile to find the pod. That' show Captain DeMines was able to spot the superpod just outside the main reef last week. Other Key West Dolphin Swim tours won't necessarily put in the extra effort to drive the boat further than usual if the pod can't be found. But Captin DeMines doesn't think twice about it, and as you can see, both he and his passengers that day were well rewarded!

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