Jury Hung 9 to 3 in Favor of Acquittal

The recent court case against Lumard Wilson (Case # RIF-141184) resulted in a 9-3 hung jury, with most jurors voting to acquit Wilson of assault on an officer and resisting arrest. The D.A. convinced the court to not let the jury know that the shooting officer is now a convicted armed robber and admitted drug addict while he was a Riverside cop. Defense attorney Caree Harper acknowledges a small victory, but is preparing for the new trial set for March 2, 2011.

Online PR News – 01-March-2011 – – The recent shooting trial against Lumard Wilson (Case # RIF-141184) resulted in a hung jury, 9 to 3 in favor of acquittal. The third criminal trial is set for March 2, 2011. Wilson was detained while legally parked in residential area by Officer Floyd and former officer Reeves. Wilson, who has never been arrested, has been the subject of multiple stops and frisks by these officers. Wilson’s attorney Caree Harper believes that this was a bad shooting of a kid merely installing his car stereo.

Riverside Judge Bernard Swartz, who has also had a criminal conviction (LA Times June 2006), presided over the second trial and made some key rulings:

• Defense attorney Caree Harper could not tell the jury that former Officer David Reeves, one of Wilson’s arresting officers, is now an inmate in state prison for armed robbery stemming from events that occurred while he was a Riverside police officer.
• Harper could not tell the jury that former Officer Reeves pled the 5th in both prior trials and refused to testify in Wilson’s trial at all.
• The defense was not allowed to refer to the convict as “former” officer Reeves or “ex-officer” Reeves, leading the jury to believe that the state prison inmate is still an officer.
• The defense was also prevented from presenting evidence that former officer Reeves was an admitted drug addict while on the force.

A juror from the second trial, who did not want to be identified, stated that:

“Being that I was able to hear majority of the evidence/facts in this case (well at least the part the DA wanted me/us to hear) Mr. Lumard Wilson is NOT guilty of what he is being charged with. Hopefully, the DA does not continue to pursue this case. I mean there is no case, at least against Mr. Wilson. Too bad a few of the 12 of us were not able to see that there are SOME bad cops out there and sadly Mr. Wilson came into contact with two of them! I wish Mr. Wilson the best of luck!!!”

Officer Daniel Floyd, testified that he could not remember hitting Wilson with the flashlight, although video taken from inside the police automobile provided evidence that he did. Floyd stated that he was too traumatized to remember.

Detective Medici and Officer Floyd both testified that Floyd was never administered a gunshot residue (GSR) test to determine if he fired at Wilson, in addition to former Officer David Reeves, who was also present at the incident and is currently serving time for a felony conviction.