Advanced Natural Labs Introduces Natural Remedy to Prostate and ED Problems

Ingredients the key to its Success, Founder Says

Online PR News – 25-February-2011 – – As anyone who has turned on a television or picked up a magazine in the last three years is aware, a bright light has been illuminated. This light has been focused, and is pointing directly at the fact that men, as they begin to grow older, are having very serious issues concerning not only their prostates, but also the (very taboo) concept of erectile dysfunction, better known as ED.
Erectile dysfunction, sometimes referred to as male impotence, is a sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance. In the United States alone, approximately fifty million men suffer from erectile dysfunction.
Joseph Victorian, President of Advanced Natural Labs, became well aware of these facts as not only his close friends, but he himself began to experience some of the symptoms of ED and prostate problems. Symptoms include, but are not limited to: loss of, or inability to attain erection; difficulty urinating, and several trips to the restroom to urinate during the night.
Victorian was concerned enough that he sought the help of his personal physician. After multiple exams, and to his dismay, Victorian learned that he indeed had begun to have prostate problems. His doctor told him he could take prescription drugs for it, but since they were friends, he told Victorian something “off the record”. The Doctor had done research and discovered 100% natural, no-side-effect nutrients that got rid of prostate problems. He knew what nutrients worked best and what dosage of each ingredient was needed.

The Doctor said these vitamins and minerals worked even better than any prostate prescription drugs, and most importantly, came with no dangerous side effects. He further explained to Victorian that he, the Doctor, could not do anything with his findings due to medical regulations and the fear of losing his license. He was happy, however, to pass on the information to Victorian.

Victorian, a successful businessman in his own right, saw a great opportunity. He purchased all 8 ingredients, created the proper dosages, took them, and kept a 10 day diary of what happened. It read as such:

DAY 1. I didn’t notice anything different.
DAY 2. I got up at night to pee only 3 times – instead of my usual 4, 5 or 6 times.
DAY 3. It hurt less when I peed. I felt almost no pain.
DAY 4. My pee came out fully – no dripping, no partial emptying. It was like a fire hose!
DAY 6. I only got up 2 times at night to pee. I slept better – had more energy during the day.
DAY 8. I had sexual desire, got an instant erection, and “performed” like a real man in bed with my wife for the first time since I started having prostate problems.
DAY 10. I went to a baseball game with my family --- I did not have to get up even once to pee during the entire 3-hour game! (Before I started taking these nutrients, I’d have to get up at least once to pee. The best part was I had no anxiety about needing to pee. Finally, I could really enjoy the game and my family.

Why PROS-GEN 8 Works Much Better Than Any Other Prostate Pill

First, Victorian is very adamant that the public’s suspicions about other prostate pills are correct. You are right. The fact is, 99% of prostate pills do not work, and never will. Why? The reason is simple: greed. The companies that make these prostate pills make more money by using cheap, inferior, ineffective ingredients at low dosages.

They use whatever is cheapest. It costs them less, so they make more money this way. But let me tell you something: they don’t know how to do business.

I believe that 1 Happy Customer Equals:

√ A customer who will re-order and…
√ A Customer who will refer my product to his friends.

Pretty basic you would say… But many companies don’t understand it!

PROS-GEN8 is made with the best, highest quality ingredients that have worked for thousands of men for centuries, going back as far as 2,300 years.

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