Army Jobs Website,, Announces Release Of New Report On Basic Army Training

US Army careers website, has announced the release of a new report designed to give prospective Army recruits an idea of basic Army training.

Online PR News – 09-November-2009 – – LA QUINTA, CA – USA’s leading Army jobs website has launched a brand new report on Army Basic Training, titled "What is Army Basic Training Really Like." The report is designed to give Army career hopefuls a sneak peek into the lives of Army men.

The two page concise report on Army training is an essential read for prospective Army employees and new recruits. The Army Basic Training report gives out some basic, but important, advice such as expecting to be tired as a result of the rigorous physical training expected of new Army recruits.

The complete report is available online at:

"There are many truths and many myths about the Army and training that recruits undergo. This report is designed to be a beginner’s guide to Army training, educating new recruits about what they can expect once they join the Army," says Larry Fowler of is the country's leading resource for US Army jobs and career information. The site features detailed information for new enlistments as well as a variety of other career opportunities within the Army. Individuals from various fields of work, including medical, communications, and finance can find information about Army careers on

In keeping with their commitment to provide useful information about Army jobs,'s new report on Army Basic Training is likely to turn into a valuable guide for newly enlisted Army men and women. From advice on sleep and discipline to stretching before a training session to suggesting giving up cigarettes, this report keeps it short and sweet, but drives the point home.

The point the report drives home is that it’s the attitude that makes the most difference. While some will find Army training excruciatingly painful and more physically demanding than anything they have ever experienced before, others will view the physical demands as a challenge and make it a life changing experience.

The report provides valuable information without unnecessarily sugar coating the experience. At the same time, does not attempt to horrify Army hopefuls with stories of training torture. This report achieves a fine balance in its attempt to provide a realistic idea of basic training in the Army.

"Movies and books tend to either romanticize Army training or portray it as the ultimate in physical torture. We don’t want people to have false notions either way and through this report, we would like new Army recruits to get a good idea of what to prepare for. It will be hard, but if you have the right attitude, it will definitely be worth it," concludes Fowler.

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