Marketing Specialist Launches Program to Share Website Traffic Secrets

Online marketing expert who developed and perfected means to draw traffic to his sites is now sharing his formula with the public through his newly launched product, wpTweetBomb. The product has been highly acclaimed following a successful launch.

Online PR News – 25-February-2011 – – Online marketing is not as easy as many would have people believe. It requires dedicated effort to orchestrate the creation of unique and helpful content, and the promotion of said content. Moreover, it requires attracting the right audience, specifically website traffic that will convert, by clicking through any monetized mechanism to enable the content publisher to realize gains. Like many Internet marketers, Andy Baker faced those challenges early on, which spurred him to develop a traffic generating system that brings in highly converting viewers. With that system, Andy finally was able to see income being generated from his online content. Prior to the system, web traffic was incidental at best, and the earnings were a big, flat zero.

The Holy Grail of Internet marketing is huge amounts of traffic that converts. The latter part of that equation is perhaps the true Holy Grail, as it has become increasingly easy to generate huge amounts of traffic. The problem is getting that traffic to convert. All other traffic, frankly, is useless, consuming bandwidth and content that earns the publisher nothing. A good analogy of this would be a newspaper and magazine stand, either in stores or the street front. Tons of people come through, many pick up a periodical to read, but few take the next step and actually buy the magazine. In the end, the proprietor of the newsstand makes a few bucks, but a whole lot of people converged on his merchandise to read for free.

The challenge for Internet marketers today is generating the aforementioned "converting" traffic. A decade ago, with the Internet relatively less populated, publishers had it easy. All they had to do was put something up that was remotely interesting, and the public consumed that information because there simply was nothing else out there. The visitors clicked through anything and everything, and click through was phenomenal. Today, the pool of available information has magnified exponentially; for each pair of eyeballs, literally hundreds of thousands of information pages are competing for their attention. Pulling in "converting" traffic is no longer a walk in the park.

Against this backdrop, Andy Baker developed his system. He created and tested it in secrecy until he was able to see consistent results from it. He christened his system wpTweetBomb, and it does the following: pulls in unique content into blogs, complete with images and videos, and formats it to look presentable; added a built in promotion mechanism so the content auto promoted themselves; pulls in loads of traffic, many of which converted; earns money for the publisher. Perhaps more importantly, all of the above are automated. In sum, wpTweetBomb generates traffic through auto blogging, auto promotion and built in monetization.

"As an Internet marketer, I was working long hours, struggling with traffic, and in particular converting traffic. With wpTweetBomb, I cut my work to practically just set-up time, freeing myself to conduct additional market research. Oh and by the way, I started to earn money from my sites," explained James Bryant, a wpTweetBomb early adopter and evangelist.

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