President of Advanced Natural Labs Talks About PROS-GEN 8

Joseph Victorian Tells Unorthodox Tale of How PROS-GEN 8 Was Developed

Online PR News – 25-February-2011 – – As many people have undoubtedly heard, a new natural remedy for erectile dysfunction (ED) and prostate problems has been introduced to the market. The natural remedy, known as PROS-GEN 8, was developed by Joseph Victorian and his company Advanced Natural Labs, and has, as we recently found out, a bit of an unorthodox story with regards to its inception and subsequent production.
Mr. Victorian spoke recently about his product, and held nothing back.
“OK, well, I’m going to be honest and tell you the story,” laughed Victorian, “every piece of which is historically accurate.”
“Last year my old Army buddies and I went to Las Vegas for our annual get-together.
It was my best friend Frank’s 60th birthday. So unknown to him, all us guys pitched in to get Frank a hooker as his birthday present, said Victorian. “Frank gets a call on his cell phone around 8:00 p.m. The female voice sounded young and sexy. The girl says ‘Hi Frank, this is Gina. I’m your 60th birthday present for the next 2 hours! I’m standing in front of the main hotel elevators waiting for you –
I’m wearing a very skimpy, very low-cut red dress and high heels!
Come and get me!’
“Anyway”, said Victorian, still laughing, “Frank, or any of us, had never been with a “hooker” before, so he didn’t know what to expect. But when he saw Gina, he couldn’t believe his eyes! She was pretty … with waste-length platinum blonde hair … and a full curvy figure. There was only one problem. When “the time” came, Frank couldn’t “perform”. Depressed, Frank told Gina he was sorry and blamed his problems on stress.

Victorian then turned noticeably serious. “Frank knew that stress wasn’t the reason why he couldn’t keep his erection. This wasn’t the first time he had been in a situation where he couldn’t perform.
He also had been having hard times urinating and was getting up 4 times a night to pee.
When Frank told me this story later –as only a longtime best friend would – it really struck a nerve because I had started to experience some of the same problems. A few weeks before our Vegas trip I had actually partially lost my erection during lovemaking but figured it was just because I was tired.
Frank’s Vegas experience freaked me out so much that I took an appointment with my doctor the second I got off the plane.”

At this doctors visit, Victorian told his Doctor about what happened to Frank and that he was afraid the same thing was happening to him. “I wanted to know,” continued Victorian. “if erection problems were normal for a guy my age. (I’m only 54 by the way). I also told him that I too had begun getting up frequently in the night and that I was really tired because of that in the morning.”

After multiple exams, the doctor told Victorian he had begun to have prostate problems.

“My doctor said I could take prescription drugs for it, but since we were friends, he told me something “off the record”, said Victorian.
“He had done research and discovered 100% natural, no-side-effect nutrients that got rid of prostate problems. He knew what nutrients worked best and what dosage of each ingredient was needed.
He said these vitamins and minerals worked even better than any prostate prescription drugs, and most importantly, came with no dangerous side effects!”

“So I asked, ‘Doctor, why don’t you put these in a pill and sell it then?’ He told me he couldn’t do it because he was an M.D. and could lose my his license.”

What he told Victorian next was the direct catalyst for the creation of PROS-GEN8. “He told me, I can give you the ingredients and the proper dosage. What you do with that information once you leave my office is your business.”

“I was stunned. As a successful businessman, I saw a big opportunity here. I could get rid of my prostate problems, help my friend Frank, and make some money helping other men too!”.

Though it is certainly one of the more unconventional stories we have ever heard about the development of a remedy for erectile dysfunction and prostate problems, it nevertheless resonates with many people. PROS-GEN8 has been receiving amazing reviews from the men who have tried it, and Joseph Victorian and his company have become a household name in the process.

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