Award Winning Website Design Company Donates Web Solutions to Non-profit Organizations

The award-winning website design company, 7Strategy, is offering a sweet deal to non-profit organizations: donated website services.

Online PR News – 09-November-2009 – – Olathe KS, November 08 , 2009.

The award-winning website design company, 7Strategy, is offering a sweet deal to non-profit organizations: donated website services.

For non-profit organizations, the power of the Internet is a mixed blessing. With it, they have the ability to spread the word about their causes. But, with fixed budgets, they are unable to afford the high cost of putting up a website to generate support for their organization.

With the ongoing flux in economic viability, the prospect of an effective website has become a mere footnote in their attempts for exposure. 7Strategy, an established website design company, saw this need and decided to help the efforts of organizations aimed at education in Third World children.

"We’ve always known that a sustainable business needs the support of healthy communities and a high quality environment," said Rasvir Mustan, vice-president at 7Strategy. "We aim to be the most trusted firm wherever we trade by demonstrating a clear sense of social responsibility."

Non-profit organizations whose goal is to improve the educational level of children in Third World countries can receive donated services for custom web site designs, web development and SEO services from 7Strategy. All of these site elements can put an organization on a world-reaching map to promote and gain support for their educational missions.

By offering these website design services, 7Strategy hopes that Third World children will ultimately be the benefactors. By giving non-profits the ability to reach a worldwide stage effectively, each organization will reap the benefits by finding more people who want to help. In turn, the children can receive the educational benefits that will aid them in contributing to a better world.

"This commitment has revolutionized the way we do business, and its benefits will hopefully translate into educated and empowered children who can contribute positively to every aspect of society,” Mustan said. “Therefore, creating a standard for the future.”

Non-profit organizations can contact web site design company, 7Strategy, to assist them with one or all of these donated web design, development and SEO services. In doing so, they will ultimately improve their online presence significantly and increase the opportunities to help Third World children achieve the success they deserve.

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