Letter-samples.com, a leading website providing visitors with an array of free letter samples, templates and business solutions announces the launch of free holiday letter templates for every occasion from Christmas to Valentines Day. Visitors can download and use the free templates and sample letters for personal use. Letter-Samples.com hosts an extensive assortment of more than 1,000 letter writing examples.

Online PR News – 25-February-2011 – – "Letter-samples.com now offers its visitors holiday letter templates and samples. Sample letters are ready to download in a variety of formats and can be easily edited by visitors for personal use. The new holiday letter samples are available for a wide range of holidays and occasions to fit every visitors need. Free holiday letter templates are professionally designed to convey the look and feel of the season.

Letter-samples.com hosts one of the largest online libraries of free letter samples. The website is the first to allow users free of charge to download any template or letter sample in a variety of formats with the click of the mouse. Website founder, David Urmann, says the website “aims to take the work out letter writing by proving a wide range of easily editable letter for every occasion …. Visitors should be able to find the letter they want and easily edit to fit their purpose so that a job that used to take the better part of an hour now takes just minutes.”

The website offers a wide variety of letter writing samples for all probable letter writing needs ranging from categories like business, intra office, employment, professional, cover letters, billing and collection, credit letter writing samples in addition to the personal and love letter samples. In addition the site hosts a wide variety of templates that can be downloaded and then fit to any sample letter or the visitors own personal content. One example is the newly launched Christmas templates which are available as word documents with background graphics and headers and footers that are preformatted to fit the exact holiday theme. The sleek and simple website design makes it very easy for the user to navigate to the letter sample in question. A user can always drop in a feedback or two or even inquire about anything related to any of the categories of letter samples using the ‘inquire about our services’ feature on the homepage. The most sought after letter models are available for download free of cost on the homepage itself.

Letter-samples.com visitors after finding the letter they are looking for can simply click the ‘print’ option below the letter and they will be redirected to another page where they can make any changes that they want to the letter with the help of a text editor. After making all the necessary changes, users can choose to save or print the letter right from the website. The highly advanced letter editing technology makes it possible for the users to add their own personal touch to any letter before saving or printing it.

Letter-samples.com is regularly updated with new letter models which are added frequently. The owner of the website has already announced that they will be adding hundreds of more letter writing samples to an almost already complete collection. In addition, the website also features a robust, career-oriented forum where people can share questions and discuss topics from interview questions to college scholarships.

Writing or composing letters has never been an easy task, especially for those who are hard pressed for time, entangled in the hectic schedule of their daily routine. And sometimes written words can convey the meaning in the best manner compared to the spoken ones. So this is when you feel the need for someone or something that can help you compose that letter for you containing everything you wish to express in the best possible way. Letter-samples.com is an exhaustive resource of letter writing ideas, falling under formal as well as informal categories of letters, hosting and maintaining an ample quantity without compromising the top quality.