Acid Blockers Cause Pneumonia in Critically Ill Patients

New book explains that antacids, prescribed to relieve heartburn, acid reflux, and indigestion, have serious side effects.

Online PR News – 09-November-2009 – – A new study* shows that Protonix®, a popular drug prescribed for acid reflux, greatly increases the risk of hospital-acquired pneumonia in patients on breathing machines after cardiac surgery. Acid blockers like Protonix®, Prilosec®, and Nexium® are among the most widely used prescription medications in the world, commonly prescribed to relieve heartburn, acid reflux disease, and indigestion – usually without confirming that too much stomach acid is causing the problem. Yet studies repeatedly show the dangerous side effects of such drugs. Dr. Jonathan Wright’s YOUR STOMACH: What Is Really Making You Miserable and What to Do About It explains why antacids and acid blockers can cause pneumonia as well as other side effects such as osteoporosis, macular degeneration, and dementia. Ironically, patients taking antacids may be experiencing not too much stomach acid, but too little! Other maladies—bloating, belching, constipation, and indigestion—may also be the result of too little acid. In fact, antacids may actually be making the problem worse.

YOUR STOMACH explains what really causes heartburn, acid reflux disease, gas, stomach pain, and related complaints and what to do about it. It offers millions of sufferers alternatives to the usual prescriptions that cause serious side effects.

This powerful little book offers solid scientific information about one of the most common and distressing ailments in America. The text is backed up by a long list of scientific research articles. There is also fascinating information about little known and used all-natural supplements.

* Miano TA, Reichert MG, Houle TT, MacGregor DA, Kincaid EH, Bowton DL. Nosocomial pneumonia risk and stress ulcer prophylaxis: a comparison of pantoprazole vs ranitidine in cardiothoracic surgery patients. Chest. 2009 Aug;136(2):440-7.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jonathan Wright, M.D., is the founder and medical director of Tahoma Clinic in Renton, Washington where he also practices medicine. With an undergraduate degree from Harvard and a medical degree from the University of Michigan, Dr. Wright has been at the forefront of natural biomedical research and treatment since 1973. Dr. Wright is internationally known for his books and medical articles. He has authored/co-authored 11 books, selling over 1.1 million copies, with two texts achieving best selling status: Book of Nutritional Therapy and Guide to Healing with Nutrition. Dr. Wright authors Nutrition and Healing, a monthly newsletter emphasizing nutritional medicine in medical practice that reaches over 90,000 in the US, and another 20,000 or more worldwide.


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