Filing Tax Forms W2 And 1099 is Faster Than Ever With ezW2's Easy Data Upload Feature

Users of the popular W2s and 1099 filing software ezW2 2010 can now upload employee, contractor and tax data from outside programs and spreadsheets. New Data Upload Feature for ezW2 Speeds up Filing Time for W2's and 1099's.

Online PR News – 24-February-2011 – – Feb 28, 2011 tax form mailing deadline is approaching. Small business owners looking for reliable software for preparing W2, 1099 and related tax forms can turn to ezW2 software from

Now it's even easier and faster than ever for small business owners and tax preparers to print and file W2's and 1099's. The new edition of ezW2 software now allow users to import employee and contractor data from other programs and spreadsheets easily.

Designed specifically for small businesses and non-profit organizations, ezW2 is software for preparing and printing W2, 1099 W3 and 1096 forms. updates ezW2 every year, incorporating suggestions from customers and providing the latest financial data and conveniences. The latest edition of ezW2 includes updated forms for the 2011 tax season and new capabilities to print electronic versions of W2, 1099 and other forms in portable document format (PDF). This new optional function enables employers to go Green by cutting back on printed documents.

"It's important to us that ezW2 be exactly what our customers need it to be," said founder Dr. Ge. "Many of our users keep employee data in other software programs and wanted an easy way to import that data to ezW2."

The new feature added to ezW2 2010 allows users to import employee lists, contractors lists and certain tax information from .csv files - a common format used by spreadsheet software. Users can export their data from other programs and spreadsheets into the .csv format and then import it into ezW2 2010. This saves customers time, because they don't have to enter all the information for each employee and contractor by hand. The data import function is straight forward and easy to use, says Dr. Ge.

ezW2 software saves money and time for small businesses in the following key ways:

1) Social Security Administration-approved printing capability for printing substitute Form W2 on plain white paper - eliminating the need for expensive red-ink forms.

So ezW2 can print ALL W2 forms (W-2 copy A, B, C, D, 1 and 2) and W3 on plain white paper if user has a laser printer.

ezW2 can also print 1099 copy 1, 2, B and C on plain white paper. Since IRS does not certify laser substitute forms right now. ezW2 will fill data on red-ink forms of 1099 misc copy A and 1096.

2) ezW2 application also supports data only on pre-printed red-ink forms. Two W2 or 1099 red-forms printed per page, cutting paper consumption in half.

3) ezW2 supports quick W2 or 1099 data importing.

4) ezW2 supports unlimited accounts, employees and contractors with one flat rate.

5) New to 2010 release of ezW2: PDF electronic printing(optional feature) for environmentally friendly businesses

(6) From $39, ezW2 is among the lowest priced, full-featured software available for small businesses.

Pricing and Availability:

Best of all, anyone looking for an easier way to print and file W2's, W3's, 1099's and 1096's, can try ezW2 2010 without cost or obligation. The software is available for free download at

And the license key is just $39 per installation with supports unlimited accounts and employees, which is ideal for accountants who need a simple solution to filing W2's, 1099's, W3's and 1096's for their clients. This feature also makes the software ideal for entrepreneurs with multiple businesses.

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