Catch the latest in American television, on the move, from anywhere in the world.

American TV 2 Go, LLC provides the latest and best American TV shows available in the High Definition format on the PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or any other supported mobile device.

Online PR News – 25-February-2011 – – Virginia Beach, Virginia - Television in many ways is the chronicler of the modern age. From the simplest event to the presidential election, it records and supplies millions of people with information and entertainment. In fact, the time has come when it has become indispensable to the lives of many people. TV shows and series have become an integral part of many lives. With the arrival of the internet, it has become possible for people to access these shows regardless of their location and time. The American TV 2 Go, LLC offers people a chance to get the latest and best of American TV overseas.

The internet and satellite television have brought in a new age of television viewing today. With the help of American TV 2 Go, LLC it is possible for people to get the best American shows on their computers and mobile phones no matter where they are. There is no equipment to buy, a low setup fee, and a modest monthly hosting fee in addition to the cost of the programming package. This allows the viewer to catch their favorite shows on American television online.

Television is more than a mode of entertainment. Many people attach a certain sentimental value to these shows. Be it a news bulletin from home or the Super bowl weekend, it would scarce suit an American to miss it. The packages offer customers a range of channels based on a monthly subscription which is accessible via computer or web-enabled mobile device. This facility also makes possible recordings of the news which can be viewed at a later time by the subscriber.

There are no external requirements necessary for these packages. Unlike other satellite subscriptions, the company does not demand the customer to purchase additional equipment in order to make viewing possible. This is why it remains a very popular choice among travelling professionals. Each package provides access to a high definition Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and a US Slingbox hosting facility which can help get clear pictures. This makes it easier for the viewer to record and view their favorite shows at the same high definition clarity at any time of the day. The details and information about the packages are available on the website along with a free demo for customers.

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