Internet Marketing Gurus Help High Priced Coaching Expert Terri Levine Reclaim Lost Ground

Chicago based marketing gurus have helped high priced coach Terri Levine, resurrect her business

Online PR News – 25-February-2011 – – Chicago, IL ( onlineprnews ) Februrary 23, 2011 - It’s commonly believed among marketing specialists that an existing client base is the best asset of any business as he is the easiest to convince. While the truth behind this statement cannot be denied, convincing an existing customer is easier said than done. High priced coaching expert Terri Levine, who faced this problem managed to revive her old list of leads to create a profit of $30,907 in just 27 days thanks to a simple marketing technique adopted by Capstone Strategic Partners.

Terri has worked with over 10,000 coaches and consultants, selling them a front end kit that helped to fill their businesses with new clients. The kit that helped coaches market their business sold for over $2000 and Terri managed to sell about 30units of these every month. But as the economy changed, the sales plummeted to about 3 in a month.

Chicago based online marketing specialists Bob Regnerus and Matthew Gillogly helped Terri breathe new life into her old list of leads. They managed to sell 101 units of her kit, within a span of 30 days.

“Ours was a three step approach to handle Ms. Levine’s old list of leads. The original list albeit old, consisted of over 10,000 names, some of which were over 3 years old. The first step was to shortlist and create a fresh list, of 2000 names. These clients had either opened up our ‘warm up’ email or had clicked on a link on the mail” says, Mr. Bob Regnerus, CEO- Capstone Strategic Partners, the firm that helped Ms. Levine.

“The second step was to reduce the price of the kit for a limited period of time. This really helped, as within a span of three weeks we sold about 101 units. The final step was to get our highly trained customer service representatives to call every client after a purchase to thank them for the order. The representatives also asked a series of questions to check if they were interested for a one on one coaching with Terri. We finally managed to convince 2 clients to buy a $10,000 coaching program”, adds Mr. Matthew Gillogly, Chief Marketing Officer-Capstone Strategic Partners.

“At Capstone Strategic Partners, we’ve not only helped companies to sell their high priced products and services on the internet, but also helped them to build their business, adds Mr. Gillogly.

About Capstone Strategic Partners: Chicago based Capstone Strategic Partners is co-founded by Bob Regnerus and Matthew Gillogly.

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