HiddenBrains sharing CakePHP Development proficiency and Technical Features of CakePHP

The company is expert in web development, utilizing open source technologies. One of the main services in open source area is CakePHP development..

Online PR News – 24-February-2011 – – HiddenBrains is the offshore web development service provider uses various modern and legacy web development technologies to serve global clients. CakePHP development is one the first-rate services provided by the company among other potential services regarding open source web development. The professional CakePHP developers are experienced in various other technologies that bring more quality in their web development work. Understanding and deriving all the technical and non technical features of the technology is very vital for the high quality web application development. Actually CakePHP is the framework, which is used by the company’s professional in appropriate way such as talented PHP programmers use Cake (rapid development framework) and PHP programming (PHP4 and PHP5) language in the best way.

Technical features offered by CakePHP that company’s CakePHP developers use efficiently for the high quality web application development. CakePHP offers easy user interface with database and active records, model-view-controller architectural pattern, compatible with PHP 4 and PHP 5, integration of create, read, update and delete (CRUD) for database and simplification of querying, request dispatcher with custom URLs, PHP syntax with helper methods for developing templates, built-in validation, view helpers for HTML forms, AJAX, JavaScript, Website directory independent, application scaffolding, data sanitization and access control lists (ACL), request handling components, session and security as well as to view caching.
Using all such features of CakePHP needs technical and technical intelligence, which is the specialty of company’s talented and experienced developers/programmers. That is why one of the higher officials of HiddenBrains states that “The appropriate utilization according to requirements of business and good quality provided by the company is always appreciated by our offshore businessmen clients.”

The modern and competitive world of business on the web encourages online businessmen and other web users to make use of best technology through reputed web development company. The proficient company developers/programmers use to provide secure & dynamic websites with CakePHP and MySQL.

To learn more about HiddenBrains and its CakePHP Development services, please visit: http://www.hiddenbrains.com/..

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