Callezee Yellow Pages in Bangalore

This is a press release which provides the information about the recent activity of callezee that happened in Bangalore. That is the launching of callezee’s yellow pages in Bangalore which comprises more than 50000 entries in and around bangalore

Online PR News – 24-February-2011 – – The term yellow pages refer to the directory of services. Those services will be sorted according to the category. Here callezee helps the consumers for searching their needs. The key aspect for callezee is their categories. They have all the necessary category lists right from the vegetable shops to the branded showrooms which you people might not know.

Callezee is getting popular these days is because of their services to the customers and their clients. The key aspect of this yellow page is to make the users to have a hand full of information of their need. It helps the users for an immediate access to the information. This reduces their time. Since there is no need of searching for an address of a business spot or for an emergency there is no need to memorize the phone numbers of the hospital instead a quick search helps to make the work done immediately.
While saying about this an incident which happened recently to my friend in Bangalore comes to my mind. He has just completed his UG and he is in search of a job in Bangalore, he came to know about a company he knows only the name of it he doesn’t have internet with him but he noticed callezee’s yellow pages in his owners house. He got it and found the address and the contact number of that particular company. He called them and got an appointment on that day itself. He went to the company and got placed which made his life to come out of some hurdles. The ultimate is that he used callezee yellow pages for his referral if not he would not have got that job which will seriously affect him and his family. This is one of the ways how callezee yellow pages help their customers and adds value to the organization.
Like such cases callezee yellow pages may help you too in some cases. I came to know that there are more than 50,000 entries related to business in Bangalore are available in callezee yellow pages. It’s quite interesting and useful too……..

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